Sleep, sleep. It's important to sleep, but don't sleep beneath the slumbervine. Blossoms in spring, that's when it lurks. Taking your dreams for summertime. Fruiting by fall, everyone will see, a clone just like you to spread their seed.
— an excerpt from an old nursery rhyme book

Basic Information


The slumbervine is a plant that grows from the ground, it snakes its way up trees and other vertical objects. They generally grow across branches providing a vantage point from which to put creatures to sleep.   They have a bell shaped flower that releases a sleep-inducing powder when the plant senses someone sitting beneath it. The vines will shake the flowers when life is detected. Once in contact with the skin or inhaled, the sedative will put the victim into a deep slumber, allowing the Slumbervine to feed on their dreams as sustenance.

Genetics and Reproduction

The Slumbervine reproduces through the use of local insects to spread its pollen. Once it has grown and flowered, it is able to reproduce and continue its cycle.
  The only thing missing is a sapient victim. Slumbervine put people to sleep with a powdered sedative to eat their dreams. This process isn't fully understood, but after eating their dreams a fruit is produced that clones the victim. This clone will walk around spreading the seeds of the slumbervine.

Venturing into the forest

Timmy had always been warned about venturing into the forest alone, he always thought the warnings were exaggerated. That is, until he saw the clone for himself. He couldn't believe his eyes as he watched the doppelganger of one of his friends, who had gone missing in the forest just a week prior.
  Timmy was frozen with fear as the clone seemed to sense his presence and turned to look at him. It was then that he saw the empty, soulless eyes of the clone and realized the truth behind the tales. He turned and ran as fast as he could, not stopping until he burst through the gates of his village.
  The story of the Slumbervine and its clones spread like wildfire, and Timmy was hailed as a hero for surviving the encounter. From then on, no one dared to venture into the forest alone.

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Additional information

  The slumbervine is prized by herbalists for its sedative properties, which are used in potions and remedies to help people sleep.   The plant is also feared by many, as its presence is often associated with mysterious disappearances and strange occurrences.   The slumbervine is known for its ability to clone victims, producing a fruit that looks and behaves like the original person or animal.   The smell of the flowering plant is desirable and draws would-be victims nearer.   The sight of a half grown clone fruiting on a slumbervine can cause panic and serious retaliation from local villages.  
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