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Zaepheria is a picture of a somewhat fallen continent, one in which denizens of old had been like a magical Icarus who tried to reach too close to bending the fabrics of creation and been shot down by the powers that govern it. It is a world where law and faith reign to keep some semblance of peace and the forces of chaos and arcane magic are quickly quelled. The world is no stranger to magic though. The divines who govern it freely grant their magical power to those who remain loyal to them. They use their followers as vessels to carry out their will. They are at constant war with those who would seek to uncover the old magics and use them as weapons against the order that has brought a somewhat fragile peace to the world and fights to maintain it.   Zaepheria is a harsh place with a divided society. The two predominate divisions are those who follow the Consecrated Alliance and those who seek their own paths to wealth power and freedom. As with most things, the world is not black and white and there will be morally good, questionable, and blatantly bad to all aspects of the forces that govern the world. The society in Zaepheria is ripe with opportunity for even the most unsuspecting heroes to achieve. But whatever path those heroes choose to follow they can expect the world to challenge them emotionally and they will have to be prepared for hard choices and sacrifices if they truly seek to shape the world.   1) Motivation: To create a new campaign setting for my friends to enjoy and that is fully my own. 2) Genre: High or Low Fantasy depending on the era. Some elements of magic driven Tech 3) Scale: Continent or Country 4) Mood: Neutral Grey 5) Themes: Coming of Age, The corruption of power, law vs. chaos