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The Festival of the Moonlight

The Festival of the Moonlight is a yearly event recognized in dozens of cultures and religions, as a common celebration of family and community. The festival takes place during the final week of Belthren, on the 25th of the month. The festival itself has deep ties to a number of religious groups, however many religious leaders have actively distanced their religion from the celebrations, believing it better to encourage people from all walks of life to partake in the festival.  


It is difficult to identify exactly when or where the festival began, however most historians agree the festival originated from the religious traditions of a nature god. As for which nature god, it has long been decided that the roots are better kept unconfirmed, as most prefer the focus on community and togetherness that the holiday represents, and would rather not  


The Market of Merriment

The day before the Moonlight Festival is an event known as the Market of Merriment, which sees merchants from all over a region travel to a common point to sell their wares. Each vendor usually stocks their stores with a variety of gift items in addition to any usual stock they may sell. The town or city which chooses to host the Market traditionally offers financial assistance to any merchant interested in joining the event, and often receives a small percentage of revenue, however oftentimes the city will opt to forego the return.  

The Community Feast

The night before the Moonlight Festival, following the conclusion of the Market of Merriment, is the Community Feast. Essentially a large potluck, all members of the community contribute something to the table, ensuring there is enough food for every person in attendance. Cities that expect large turnouts to the event will prepare for weeks, employing dozens of chefs and donating thousands of gold in ingredients and supplies to residents.  

The Festival of the Moonlight

Beginning at midnight on the 25th, the Festival proper involves a massive gift exchange throughout the community. People will often give gifts that have deep cultural significance to them, as a way of sharing their culture and their identity with others in the community. Families will also have their own gift exchanges later in the day.