Hemovipsis, also referred to as "the blood hunger", is a rare medical condition associated with vampirism and blood magic. Most mixed-blood vampires are the result of a hemovipsis infection, likely given to them by another vampire. The condition, if not treated, slowly transforms the infected individual's physiology, morphing them into a vampire.  

Signs of Infection

The earliest signs of infection are usually rather obvious: a pair of bite marks, commonly around the carotid artery in the neck, accompanied with a gradually paling complexion. Should you notice someone with these early warning signs, it is imperative that they are taken to an emergency center immediately, as curing the condition becomes a race against time. After about three weeks, the infected person will start to notice their teeth beginning to grow and re-shape, turning into noticeable fangs. If the condition has allowed to progress to this part, the chance of being successfully cured drops considerably. A few months after infection, the infected individual will die before returning to life shortly after, at which point the condition cannot be reversed or cured.   Aside from direct contact, there are other ways to become infected, though these methods lack traditional warning signs and make the condition uncurable, however anyone who finds themself in such a situation must clearly want to be a vampire, as the level of effort required to find yourself in such a situation makes it impossible for it to happen accidentally. One can either volunteer to drink from the Blood Font, a ceremonial process that requires venturing into the Boneyard, the Lower Plane associated with death and undeath.  

Treatments and Cures

Should one find themself infected and needing treatment, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. Firstly, while medical professionals are trained to approach any situation with an objective viewpoint, they are fundamentally mortal, and vampirism is widely stigmatized. Some may refuse treatment to you directly, so it is advisable to bring someone along with you, as they may be more inclined to treat you if they are shown that others may be put in danger through their inaction.   The simplest cure is a simple spell or potion with a remove curse effect, especially if it is still within the first few days of infection. Once the physical alterations begin, the focus of medical care moves from curing the affliction towards easing your transformation. Having aspects of your body reshape over several weeks can be an excruciating experience, especially when many of the changes prohibit you from eating properly. Treatment options at this stage include a feeding tube, painkillers, and mobility aids.