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Shrill Whale

Shrill whales are a phenomenally large cetacean species found swimming through space. They have an appearance almost identical to meteors; this is an evolutionary tactic to camouflage from predators. In their large migrating packs, also known as showers, they appear as meteor showers, hence the name.


Shrill whales are roughly 500 thousand metres long, making them one of the biggest creatures to exist in space. These animals range in colours, from deep browns and greys to light purples and pinks. They mimic any colour meteors come in, which is a large range.

Shrill whales have some of the largest voice boxes seen in any animal compared to its body size. This allows the whales to produce evocative calls, known commonly as shrills, heard throughout the Yonderverse. These songs are incredibly loud if you're within at least a million kilometres, but because of the nature of the songs, most don't mind and in fact enjoy it.


Reproduction for shrill whales are particularly messy and violent. Usually, male shrill whales have trouble locating the correct hole on females. Due to the shape of these animals, it appears as if they have many different holes which confuses males. It usually takes them about three hours until the male finds the right hole, and then he can fertilise the eggs.

Male shrill whales have short tempers, and the more time they spend failing to find the right hole the angrier they get. When they find the right hole, males are usually rather angry and will violently mate with the female.


Shrill whales are filter feeders, with five specialised filters on the backs of their bodies. These cetaceans take in an incredulous amount of cosmoplankton, the animals requiring at least a million tonnes of cosmoplankton every Greenerth day.

Because of this amount of plankton that is required daily, shrill whales cannot be kept in captivity. They lack mouths, which means they cannot be fed anything else and it simple impossible for most to collect such an amount of cosmoplankton.

Shower Migration

Shrill whales are a social species, and live amongst at least three hundred others in small packs, also known as showers. These showers are visible even when standing on a planet and looking up into space, and many have turned it into a sport to spot these showers. As shrill whales migrate, they pass through solar systems, asteroid belts, occasionally astral seas.

Reports from people witnessing these animals show that they can move at similar speeds to meteors, anywhere from 70 kilometres per second to faster. This is known as "dispersing", and shrill whales will disperse when a predator species approaches. Shrill whales typically swim through space at speeds of about 20 miles per second, a similar speed to the slowest of cargo spacecrafts.

100,000 years
Average Length
500 kilometres
Geographic Distribution

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