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Ondos Lux

Ondos lux is a condition that has affected a grand total of one lux ever. Known as the Grand Lux, this lux was afflicted with a condition that improved their physical and mental abilities. "Ondos" means "great" in lux, and so its literal translation is "great lux".

The only known symptom of this condition is a complete boost in all physical and mental qualities, including the ability to manipulate photonic energy at levels unparalleled to any other being in the Yonderverse.

Cause & Origin

Stories and legends tell of the Grand Lux making a deal with an unspecified deity, one able to manipulate the same photonic energy as the lux can. Stories say that the Grand Lux was just a simple person who had the same dream of taking over the Capital Dimension as all lux wish.

This mysterious person spent days in search of a specific deity that they believed would grand them powers to take over the entire Yonderverse. They were right, the deity did grant them powers, but they weren't able to take over the entire Yonderverse.

Cultural & Historical Significance

Ondos lux is perceived as the most significant condition in lux history. While some do not believe in its existence, most do and most have tried to seek out the condition, to no avail. Ondos lux is mentioned in so many stories and legends that an entire wing of the Lux Library is dedicated to its existence. Most fables are completely fabricated, but the general public doesn't need to know this.

Grand Lux

The Grand Lux is the only important figure to the lux of Sabala. This magnificent being was blessed with gifts beyond perception. While any lux has the ability to weaponise and manipulate cosmic photonic energy, the Grand Lux took it to another level. In just seconds, they conceived the Lux Centros a city and empire to house the entire lux race.

Stories don't tell what happened to the Grand Lux, and nobody knows where they went. What actually happened is the Grand Lux couldn't handle the powers that this condition granted, and he imploded within minutes of contracting ondos lux.

Affected Species

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Author's Notes

This article is inspired by the awesome, amazing, fantastic, fabulous, awesome, Ondo!

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