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Having made just a handful of minor changes to the laws and legislations regarding the producing of inter-planetary weapons and technologies, the Daglacian Space Legion is little-known. This Space Legion has dedicated most of its efforts to funding the construction of an orbital settlement and research station, Dalax, designed to observe Daglaci from outer space and monitor the Abyss and Wilds of the Frozen.


- 4 Moons
- 16.2 AU from Cheem

An oceanic planet, Daglaci is completely encased in ice. In some places, the ice is so thick it spans several miles in thickness, and in others just a mere few metres. In these places lakes form during warm seasons, and many marine animals come to the surface where it is nice and warm, at least for Daglaci.

The people of Daglaci enjoy their simple lives of luxury in the frozen ice forests, living in harmony with ice lynxes, a semi-intelligent species. Daglacians are extremely intelligent and have found ways of heating their ice cities while preventing anything from melting.

Monster hunting is very popular as a sport on Daglaci. The freezing climates has resulted in animals growing to extreme sizes to survive and keep warm, and these animals are very territorial, resulting in devastating battles that destroy masses of ice, and are slowly chipping away at the ground and eventually will cause the ice to crack and break.

In an effort to prevent this, daglacians have made it their mission to rid the planet of these monstrous animals, so the ice may remain as it is and the planet is not destroyed.

Underneath the ice are creatures even larger. These leviathans rule this underworld, every so often breaching the surface with their axe-shaped heads. These leviathans are the most feared creatures on the planet, and have resulted in the decimation of countless daglacians.


Head Legional

The current Head Legional occupying the Daglaci Space Legion is Xala Miraz. She has been in power for the last year and a half, and has already made significant changes to Dalax. This settlement has finished construction, but due to the limited number of scientist staff members, there is little funding.

Xala's work includes encouraging other Space Legions to fund Dalax, offering amorous activities in return. Not provided by Xala, of course. Many actually suspect Xala to have been cheating the Legional system. Many noticed similarities between her and the previous three Head Legionals, leading some to suspect her of dressing as every Head Legional for the last ten and a half years.


The Legion's Enforcers have tried their absolute best to make the planet appear as a safe, aesthetic, holiday-home for tourists, but to no avail. Their posts online rarely go viral, unlike the videos documenting wild animal attacks taking place in the poorest sectors of the larger cities.


The Lawmakers have had little progress, as well. Their suggestions for new laws have either been rejected on the spot or been accepted due to them being so minor that they won't affect 99.9999% of the Milky Way's population.


Daglaci arrived in the Yonderverse around nine-hundred years ago, its inhabitants already space-faring people. The native daglacians are incredibly intelligent, capable of using their limited resources to create true magical and technological wonders.

When the planet manifested itself in the Cheem System, and people ventured into the depths of space, they quickly caught onto these "Space Legions" that other planets and their populations had created. Daglaci successfully created their own, forming the Daglaci Space Legion.

Since the Legion's formation six-hundred and fifty years ago, it has made a total of three changes to regulations of the Milky Way, which allow greater access to transporting and trading interplanetary technologies and weaponry. The law identifies phallic gadgets and pleasure items as weaponry, as there is no legal definition for them that the Legion was comfortable addressing them as.

The only major project of the Daglaci Space Legion was the construction of Dalax, a massive artificial satellite. Dalax is a research base and a permanent settlement for over two hundred citizens, housing scientists of all varieties to study the planet in closer detail, from farther away.


Planetary Base

The Legion's Planetary Base is located in Hyphaxia, society's epicentre and a global trading hub. Xala, the Enforcers, and the Lawmakers all currently reside within the Planetary Base, refusing to set foot on Dalax for "private reasons".

The building is a striking blue dome, sat atop one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city. The dome has seven different floors, each smaller than the one below.

Satellite Base

Dalax serves as the Legion's Satellite Base. It has existed for almost two hundred years, finishing construction just two years ago. While there are houses for over two hundred citizens, its main purpose is to study Daglaci.

The resident scientist's main priority is to establish the habitability of the Abyss. As everyone knows, the Abyss is deemed unexplorable, but in recent years, new ventures into the Abyss might prove otherwise. The Wilds of the Frozen are also being studied, and attempts to track down and confirm the presence of daglacian yeti civilisations is ongoing.

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