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Chaosling City

The only city of chaoslings outside of the Chaos Queen's reign, the Chaosling City is home to a group of the minions that magically gained sentience and decided to flee their master.


Chaosling City is located on the quiet outskirts of the Crystal Minefield. The city is out of bounds of the Chaos Queen's terror, at least 10 million megaparsecs from the Queen. It is one of the closest crystal shards to Aavar's River, just 10 trillion gigaparsecs away from the Porous Wall dividing Districts 1 and 2.

Many travellers from Aavar's River have discovered the Chaosling City on their journey to the Edge Of The Yonderverse, so much so that debris from their spacecrafts have formed a pathway from the river all the way to the city. Many explorers have followed this path, leading them to this city where the inhabitants are surprisingly docile and welcoming.

The city exists on a single giant crystal. This crystal is about half a light year tall, and floats separate to the rest of the minefield. It was pushed away from the other shards by the chaoslings, to establish a border from the minefield so the chaos queen doesn't consume the city.

For some unexplained, bizarre reason, a group of chaoslings were given a soul. It is assumed that some god gifted them souls, but nobody really knows. Now with thoughts and emotions, about a million chaoslings fled the mines where they were working and revolted against the Chaos Queen. Because of how few chaoslings fled, she did not care and replaced them instantly, with no difficulty.   The chaoslings fled to an undisturbed part of the crystal minefield, and hollowed out a large crystal that they now call home. They created long, winding pathways out of stardust that wraps all around the crystal, and leads to every entrance into the city. The city is incredibly minimalistic, only having access to a handful of resources, but the chaoslings believe it is a better life than the one they previously lived.
— Mysterious Traveller

Significant Landmarks

Rainbow Road

To access all of the houses and locations within the city, one must follow rainbow roads made of stardust. These roads float through space and carve their way through the city. The outer strips of the road have magical properties, and push you forwards or backwards, which allow for faster transport. The rainbow roads are about the width of 5 main sequence stars, to make enough space for several chaoslings on the road at any one time.

Unfortunately, the risk of flying off the rainbow road and hurtling into space is rather high. For chaoslings it isn't much of an issue, as chaoslings are adept space swimmers, but for other species of a similar size it may be a problem.

Chaos Citadel

The Chaos Citadel is found at the peak of the crystal that they call home. This citadel looks over the entire city and the surrounding void for practically eternity. This building was purposely designed to keep an eye on the Chaos Queen, who is visible at all times from the citadel and is permanently watched by several chaosling guards at any one time.

The citadel can be accessed through a tunnel inside of the crystal, or through several rainbow roadways that are heavily guarded. Only a handful of chaoslings are given permission to enter the citadel, as it contains many top-secret plans on how to kill the Chaos Queen. Unfortunately, all chaoslings look identical so it is difficult to determine who is whom.

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