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Aurora Scale

Discovered just five months ago in the depths of Kokhas, aurora scales are remnants of the shedding of an unknown creature of gigantic proportions. These scales are magically charged and can power any number of sorceric enhancers. Used by magically primitive atomians, they have not fully utilised this material and its true limits are still unknown.

Its origins are too unknown. Approximately 0.02% of Kokhas has actually been explored, so the leading scientific theory is that these scales are shed from large reptilian-like creatures, presumably an inanimal. Another is that they are simply the result of randomised magical manifestation, which has produced some truly extraordinary objects in the Yonderverse.


Exploring Kokhas was a dangerous task, but atomians were determined. The planet had been noted by the people of Aton for thousands of years, and during this time many speculations arose on what could be behind its thick icy veil. Turns out, this icy veil was a planet-wide storm who's winds whipped around at over twenty thousand miles per hour.

Atomians spent billions on designing spacecrafts that could survive these winds, as their studies definitively proved that behind this storm was safe land worth exploring. Three years ago, Cro"at Co"r'pa designed a spacecraft that could survive passing through Kokhas' megastorm, and the trip began.

The first exploration was a raging success, but the following three not so much. The fifth proved even more victorious than the first, as the crew came back with a number of materials and organisms not seen anywhere else in the Yonderverse.

Eggy Placeholder by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

One of these materials were aurora scales. These shiny objects were of abundance and the crew were able to gather over a hundred of them. After quarantined for six months, they were tested for reactive properties, electrical properties, magnetic properties, and finally, magical properties. Only the last had any success, meaning atomians had a material completely unreactive to anything other than magic.

"The hell is this? Why's it shiny? Why is it... metallic? Why is it just floating around? Where did it come-"
"Oh my god just shut up and gather the rest of it."
— Two atomian explorers

Magical Usage

Atomians are not very skilled with magic but are learning fast. A catalyst for their developing understanding of magic are these aurora scales. They have the ability to magnify magic in the near vicinity, either natural magic or conjured through spells and incantations.

The scales are used in the creation of sorceric enhancers, small devices implanted into a person to amplify their magical power. One full scale, the size of a human's palm, is enough to practically double the magical power of an atomian. Approximately 5% of the total atomian population have had this implant, and as a result the public practice of magic has been banned in most countries of Aton.


The most expensive dress gown ever made on Aton, fragmentis took three months to construct. It is a plain white dress with thousands of diamonds embedded into it, glossy aurora scales wrapping around the shoulders and neck. Fragmentis has only been worn once, by A"ti'a on the Grey Carpet. It now sits in a glass chamber on display at the Museum of Magics, in Central Khou'vi.

Not something you'd want to taste
Shimmering blues and purples
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I hope you have a great day!   Explore the endless planets brimming with life of the Yonderverse! Go after creatures, discover new places, and learn about the people you find along the way.   Check out my plans for Summer Camp!
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