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Aryel Summers (She/Her)

Born and raised in a small town just south of Tihara, capital of Karkhala, Aryel Summers had a dream to rule the world - and that she did. A company CEO and social activist, people look past her Karkhalan origins and see her as an icon.

She does not approve of her species' attempts at dominion over the vast Yonderverse, actively pitching against them on social media.

Rags to Riches

Aryel grew up considerably poor in the quaint town of Nashata. Three miles from Tihara and any other settlement, they had little to do with the outside world. Her childhood was spent aiding her parents and their farmland, growing a plethora of arid vegetables. Her love of fashion and clothing outgrew her parents pockets, another thing that the townsfolk did not like her for.

Her trans identity became apparent to her at a young age. Her family were accepting; other townsfolk, not so much. She left her home town at twenty years of age, moving into a small studio apartment in Tihara. Her passion for fashion led her into that industry.

She went viral on Spacestar after a series of watchposts supporting various trans youth foundations. This drew attention to her newly founded fashion business, previously struggling.

Summers has received backlash as she is an oanie;=, intergalactic colonisers, having killed off hundreds of civilisations in pursuit of Yonderversal domination.

She has tried to distance herself from her origins. Summers now lives in Seacos, a bustling city on planet Cilvarth who's fashion scene is emerging.

Aryel Summers by Mochi
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Bright orange, wavy fur

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