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The A to Zoo is the Yonderverse's largest zoological collection, housing just under 400 trillion species. The organisation was founded by Rox, who is dedicated to protecting all animals and educating people about conservation.

Their success was guaranteed from the very start, and by the year 103 (they measure their own time and calendars), they had amassed a million unique species. The A to Zoo primarily houses organisms under the kingdom Animalia, however they do showcase organisms from other kingdoms, such as Plantae, Fungi, Protista, and Inanimalia.


We are one of the older collections in the Yonderverse, opening to the public 4595 years ago. Because we are located in an entirely different dimension, we record time a little differently. Each year is 200 days long, each day is 20 hours, and the year 0 is the year the A to Zoo first became open to the public.
— Rox, in A to Zoo

Depending on who you ask, the A to Zoo can be considered one of the oldest collections around, or relatively new. Because many planets use different calendars, the founding date of the A to Zoo can be speculated. As far as the zoo is concerned, it was founded 4700 years ago, following their personal calendar.

Rox by Mochi

105 years of construction and building and the A to Zoo was finally opened to the public. Three hundred animal species, 2 years of constant promotional material drumming up the debut, and the opening day was a phenomenal success. Six million visitors entered the gates of the A to Zoo for the very first time, one of the only places in the Yonderverse where you can see animals together that would ordinarily live trillions of light years away.

The A to Zoo acquired its 1 millionth unique species in the year 103. By this point, it was the third largest public zoological collection in the Yonderverse, acquiring the legal right to explore planets inaccessible to the average spacegoer.

Moon Ray by Mochi

Piecing together this magnificent organisation was Rox. While nowadays she spends most of her immortal life tucked away in the private corners of the zoo, her earlier days were spent hands-on in the field. Many of the first species were acquired by her, rescuing injured and abandoned creatures from a number of planets around countless galaxies.

Thankfully, expanding the zoo is extremely easy. The A to Zoo exists in a pocket dimension accessible through portals located around the Yonderverse, in an endless warm void. Every time a new Sector warrants creation, construction teams will be sent out into the void to find a location far from any other Sector to build in. These Sectors, being so far apart, require portals to travel between and allow for endless expansions.

Notable Species & Mascots

Bapycara by Mochi

There may be almost 400 trillion species, but many are more famous than others. Every year the A to Zoo selects a species to make its yearly mascot, used in promotional material. It has become somewhat of a game to guess which species the zoo selects each year, as they prioritise those with aesthetic qualities, entertaining personalities, and a range of other factors.

Some species have appeared as mascots several years running. Angel, a golden fox, has been made mascot of the A to Zoo for three consecutive years. Other species, such as bapycaras and glamorous peafowl, have mascotted for several years.

The first ever mascot of the A to Zoo was an adult male terran koala. Native to planet Earth, these animals were iconic to the native humans, one of the most well-known animals from the continent Oceania. Terran koalas were one of the very first species acquired in the A to Zoo, their enclosure currently housing nineteen individuals over a large outback region, co-existing with several other species.

While it was risky to put a known escape artist as the face of the A To Zoo, Rox still did it. Angel was known as the A to Zoo's Mascot for three glorious years, which brought in quadrillions of visitors from around the Yonderverse to come look at her. Angel's face was plastered on billboards on so many planets, skylights in space, you name it. As it turns out, having a rebellious fox as a mascot does wonders.
— Ekirin Sanaru, in Angel

Funding & Supporting other Businesses

The A to Zoo earns billions daily, just from visitor tickets. Coupled with funding from other organisations, investors, and donations, the A to Zoo is the highest earning organisation in the Yonderverse. The majority is kept safe and used for emergencies, others for expansions and providing all the necessary and extra resources and materials needed for looking after trillions of organisms, and a tiny percentage is donated to other zoological collections and conservation projects.

While this percentage might be small, the A to Zoo single-handedly funds roughly ten thousand conservation projects around the Yonderverse. They also provide annual, monthly, weekly, and daily donations and support to other zoological collections, ensuring their animals are provided with the best welfare possible.

Extended Statistics

No. of Species: 395,502,429,313,098
No. of Sectors: 293,402,002

No. of Staff: 1,203,948,593
No. of Founders: 1
Average Daily Visitors: 350,000,000,000
Most Visited Enclosure: Giant Bunny

Daily Food Consumed: 251 trillion tonnes
Accidents per Day: The A to Zoo is perfect
Zoological Collection
No. of Species
No. of Sectors
Founding Date
4700 years ago

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