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Northern Yarron


As part of the mountain-mining villages of the Verithal Alliance, the main inhabitants are dwarfs with around 60%, followed by hobbits with around 20% and another 10% of the mix between the two races. The remaining 10% are a mixed bunch of races from all over. Few humans, some tieflings, a hint of gnomes that left the Cronnius Imperium and a hand-full of half-elves that have found their way here from the southern Wildwood Realm. Even though the settlement is close to the Radiant Hills, no high-elves stay in permanently in Northern Yarron, but on rare occasions, and individual on a diplomatic or adventurous quest will pass through.   Most of the population here is in some way working for the mining community. Either, they work in the mines themselves, build homes and mining tools, cook for the miners, plan future extractions, or turn the mined ores into puremetal substances.

Industry & Trade

Nearly the entire income of the town is related to selling their mining exploits. Having noted the faintly magical properties of Cerulean Quartz, they make use of the Detect Magic spell to efficiently find the veins. Not only that but silver is historically also often found very near the cerulean quartz unerneath The Needles, offering a valuable secondary mining ressource. There are a few other metals and gems that are mined upon finding, but the previously mentioned are the main assets.


Most of the city is built directly into the mountain to avoid dealing with the bad weathers of the Needles. Buildings are mostly carved from the grey stones and do not follow any sensible pattern or design, since the village was built along the trail of the cerulean quartz to supply the Orbirian Empire with enough ressources to stop any forceful takeovers. As such, the placements of important buildings, such as administrations and places of worship are very random, and no such thing as a strategic defence is in place.
around 500 inhabitants
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