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Filomen - The Craftguide

Deity of Crafts and Arts

  • Find joy in the process of creation. Great results come from a honed craft.
  • Help each other succeed. Support the flourishing of society and find your role in the greater puzzle.
  •   Influence on the World
    Filomen is considered the first teacher of society. They have taught architects and smiths, builders and tailors, and have helped to lay the groundworks for most societies. The most highly renowned crafters of Trian are known as the Arms of Filomen. Filomen is known to widely support the endeavours of their arms through blessings and guidance.
      Days of Worship
    Most central counties offer a collection of small crafts to Filomen on the second day of the first month in each season for Season's Blessing which is similar to a crafter’s tax but not mandatory in most countries outside of the The Republic of Free Trade.
    The general public usually prays to Filomen on the day of Seasons Blessings, while artisans can pray daily for their support.
    There are very extensive rituals available to be held in the preparation of significant pieces of crafting, which allows Filomen to link their essence to this plane in enhancement of items. As respect for their guidance, such objects are generally marked with their symbol.
      Places of Worship
    Most larger towns have wonderfully ornated shrines dedicated to Filomen. They are often the most beautiful and lavishly decorated shrines and serve both as place for the Arms to come together and present their skill, as well as worship. Many workshops also have a small trinket or little shrine to ask for their support.

    They are generally represented by a hand facing the observer, with the thumb and the index finger bent to touch. Though more elaborate symbols are usually show the hand holding the respective tools of a workshop, or even a circle of multiple hands holding a variety of tools representing crafting halls.

    They are depicted as a golden being with genderless features and eight arms, each wielding one of the main craft tools: a hammer, a needle, a knive, a set of tweezers, sheers, a saw, a magnifying glass and a compass (Zirkel)

    Location - Iles of Exemplum
    As the original designer of the Arch of Divinity, they are the only deity to manipluate the veils enough to reach into the inner planes whenever they aspire to do so.
    Neutral Good

    Cleric Domains
    Forge, Life, Peace

    Paladin Oaths
    Crown, Redemption


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