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Engineer Caste

Builders and crafters beyond compare, the practical minded engineers are responsible for the making and maintenance of the technology that keeps the Federation of Xah successful. From Hive Cities to the hydroponics, from tanks to spacecraft, engineers are behind it all and Xahian culture would crumble without them. Almost as strong as the warriors, engineers don't value pure physical strength as much as patience and an eye for detail.    Engineers can vary in size as much as any human, from around 1.4 metres to 2 metres, however they tend to cluster at the upper range, with some being almost as large as those in the Warrior caste. Considered somewhat of a mix between Technical and Warrior, a good level of academic and intellectual aptitude along with decent physical prowess is considered the epitome of a good Engineer. Dextrous fingers and a keen eye for detail are also essential traits. Failed Engineers are considered some of the best in the Worker caste, and are often used by the Engineer caste to help them in construction projects.   As with all castes, members of the Engineer caste are sterile through design, and reproduction is considered a role of the geneticists of the Technical Caste and the Mothers. For an Engineer to be considered for contribution to future generations, they typically have to be considered exceptional at their work; take-up and acceptance of their designs, well constructed buildings, or preference in using them as a designer, are all considered viable routes to genetic legacy.
Scientific Name: Homo Sapien Factorem
Lifespan: 100 years
Average Height: 1.6 to 2.1 meters
Encompassed species
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