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Despite the caution the ikayal usually take when dealing with enchantments and artefacts, there is always a risk that something is infused with malicious magic. A somnifer is a mage specialised in dealing with curses and malice of all kinds. While they are not given much praise, they are often the first people a merchant brings their wares to, and have played a vital role in the mercantile trade of Liyru. But there are some curses and magics that not even these skilled mages can defeat.



A somnifer is required to be either a storm or earth mage, who can interact with the tools and materials needed. They also need to be advanced in their studies so they can quickly diagnose and undo curses. Usually, one must undergo an apprenticeship as well, to gain experience.


Social Status

A typical ikaya parent would encourage their children to become somnifers because of their flexible pay and work hours, and the status it brings. Somnifers are well-respected mages - the skill and power the job demands ensure that.


Somnifers are a comparatively rare profession, and there are fewer than five hundred currently working in Liyru. This is partly due to the difficulty the job carries, but also thanks to the dangers that come with spell-undoing.


A somnifer's job, as the name suggests, used to be confined to the realm of dreams. Their purpose was limited to curing insomnia and amnesia. But as the need for breaking enchantments grew, the somnifers' job descriptions expanded with it, until their original practices were all but lost.



A somnifer uses a variety of herbs, plants and solutions in their work. Thyme, lavender, clove and vefern (a flowering herb which blooms in the presence of the Ending) all have 'essences' which draw out and weaken infused magic, while rowan and lotus have cleansing properties. Euam salt is used as a precaution against the Ending, though it is now little more than a formality. Selyn - a solution made from crushed stormflowers, honey and infused sealfruits - prevents curses from leaking out of the afflicted. They also use chalk circles to make it easier to place and use these materials.

Dangers & Hazards

Dealing with curses obviously puts a somnifer at risk of being cursed as well. Despite the precautions they take, there is always a small chance that malicious magic may spread. This risk usually becomes greater the longer the curse has been accessed (when wyr is infused into a living being, it grows and spreads with its host), and is worst with children - who grow and make the curse grow with them.

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