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Okai (o-ka-ee)

Also known as peridot, okai is a beautiful crystal with the unique ability to absorb magic. First discovered in the barren lands north of the Westerwoods, it has been used as jewellery and protection for centuries. Its rarity and value have sparked battles over it. Okai is unmoved by earth magic, immune to runic fire, and is present in almost every living being. Some theorise that the mineral's minute presence in organisms prevents direct interference with the body's inner workings.

History & Usage

Everyday use

For the ikayal, okai is used to inhibit mages from casting in public areas. It absorbs just enough wyr to prevent casting while allowing ikayal to survive. In international meetings, diplomats often wear okai-studded bracelets to symbolise good intentions. Okai also helps prevent young ikayal from misusing their new gifts.
Humans have less need for okai because they have few enough mages to keep track of. However, they do use it in ikayal prisons (although syldsteel is taking its place as aggression rises). And on the rare occasions when they treaty with ikayal, they wear okai as a symbol of neutrality.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Aside from its practical use, okai is also culturally significant to the ikayal. They hold that it was formed from the shed scales of the Amber Serpent - an Exalted born before the Lirustime - and represents letting go of the past. (Ironically, this is one thing the ikayal are notoriously bad at.) On the eastern continent, the mineral is used in tombstones as a reminder that death does not stop the lives of the bereaved. In Liyru, it is a memorial to the dragons (symbolised in their wyrdrinkers), and rumour holds that a massive okai statue stands under a mountain, a symbol of the pain the Endwar caused.


Trade & Market

Human supplies of okai are controlled mainly by Axu, which possesses the largest pure deposit in the world. They sell it at prices higher than glass or crops but lower than gold and ivory. Currently, the okai sector is booming thanks to increased tension with the ikayal.
Meanwhile, the ikayal source their okai from large mining expeditions sent into the Araen Wastes and the eastern continent. (Attacking human trade ships is a slightly less spoken-of source.) Okai has deep symbolic significance, so prices are much higher than for humans.
Yellow-green when empty, silver sheen when filled with wyr
Common State
Related Species

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