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Axu (Axe-u)

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  Axu is a prosperous human nation on the eastern side of the treacherous Araen Wastes. Born in the wake of the fall of Khiloa, it has grown from a small city-state to a kingdom which stretches from coast to coast. Its people are proud and industrious, a unified collection of dozens of tribes and clans. Yet Axu's brightness - much like its sister and rival, Liyru - always attracts darkness. And it may soon share its predecessor's fate.

Golden, Beneath the Sun

Roots of Stone

Axu is a nation born of war and fear. Its founders once resided in the great city of Khiloa - the largest city on the southern continent, and one of the largest in the world at the time. But du

Bonds of Steel

Axu's culture can only be described as a chaotic mixture of cultures from all its component tribes. Many Axuans are descendants of the refugees from Khiloa Woln, while a smaller population belong to the peoples that lived on the land before Axu. This has created the vibrant, varied culture which defines the nation. Axu keeps the disparate groups together with an improbably well-preserved sense of unity and oneness. Each group has its treaty with the crown, and most inhabitants think more of a nation than a tribe.   As a result of this mixing, Axu's culture cannot be pinned down. Some beliefs, like the idea that the current noble family is descended from the rulers of old Arkan, are widespread, while traditions like the naming of children wax and wane in popularity and reach. No matter which tribe they hail from, all Axuans know how powerful a nation must be to unite so many groups.

Public Agenda

The government of Axu is always mediating issues between different groups, so it must always project an image of fairness and unity. It makes sure to have at least one high-ranking officer from all 62 groups in the nation and to have decisions announced only by those with a trustworthy image. Larger disputes are mediated by groups with no stake in the dispute.   It is in Axu's best interest to reflect this image internally, which is why it developed a national language and currency to unite its citizens. Its inner workings often make it slow to make important decisions, but the final result is a massive, multicultural country working with blazing speed.


Axu is extremely rich in ores, including gold, emeralds and quicksilver. They also have the world's largest supply of okai, which is valuable for its ability to absorb wyr. Part of the country is on the border of the Araen Wastes, giving them access to sand and glass; marble and white granite deposits are also plentiful, giving rise to their cities' massive, angular buildings. Their horses and drakons are among the world's fastest.

Demography and Population

Axu's population is concentrated around its five great cities, which hold the vast majority of its sizable population. Between the cities lie smaller settlements which are often more developed than their northern counterparts. The city dwellers are often descended from the refugees of Khiloa Woln, while rural farmers and miners tend to be part of native tribes. The western half of the nation is more populated than the side east of the Bian River.


Axu's land stretches across almost all of eastern Sukhyr, from the Bian Mountains in the east to the Westerwoods and Araen Wastes in the west. Most of this is occupied land, but the peoples who originally inhabited it have fully assimilated with the Axuans. The only part of the region not under Axu's direct control is a two-hundred-kilometre stretch on the northern coast, which is still held by the proud Mwewe tribe.

Foreign Relations

As a nation with strong trade ties to both the northern and eastern continents, Axu is a neutral state when it comes to foreign relations. The human nations swore to aid each other should a war with the ikayal begin, but this has not stopped many long wars between them. Axu does not usually participate in these conflicts, but one nation it is openly antagonistic toward is Zefiru, which has led invasions against it twice.

Agriculture & Industry

As Axu is so rich in natural resources, its economy focuses on collecting these materials more than refining them. The region's rich red soil makes agriculture a flourishing sector, and its okai deposits give it an incredibly valuable export.

Remember What Was.

Founding Date
12 A.E
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Major Exports
  • Gold
  • Ivory
  • Okai
  • Barley, maize, rye and cassava
  • Glassware
  • Major Imports
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Spices
  • Timber
  • Ceramics
  • Euai salt (recent)
  • Legislative Body
    The legislative body is known as the Kurei. It comprises two clan-elected Houses, each of which has its role in law-making. The River House comes up with potential new laws, which are then voted on by the Mountain House. If the law is passed, the Alme will formally approve the law. However, the Alme may also turn down the law according to the will of his clan.
    Controlled Territories
    Notable Members
    Related Ethnicities
    History of Axu

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