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The Axuans

The people of Axu are made up of over 50 separate clans, tribes and groups. United by the Axuan banner, their varying customs, rituals and traditions have mingled and merged into a new, national culture. Unlike Zefiru, whose conquered peoples are forced to adopt the empire's culture, in Axu the conquered peoples are the culture. Axuans are hardy and proud, but their culture's origin makes it easy for them to welcome outsiders and immigrants. After all, each new tradition or belief is another thread in Axu's rich tapestry.

Defying Death

The founders of Axu may seem like an industrious, hard-working group - and they always have been. But their origins are shrouded in fear and darkness. The Endwar devastated much of the world, but one of the Endsworn's biggest targets was the great city of Khiloa Woln. They laid waste to the city, forcing its human inhabitants south and west. These refugees crossed the dangerous Bian Mountains to escape the destruction, into a land inhabited by smaller, disparate groups. They then began to build what would become their capital, Aroi. Though they have faced many trials, these once-refugees have constructed a massive nation and united hundreds of thousands under its banner. They do not consider the word 'refugee' offensive - they are that and so much more.    

Old Roots, Old Blood

Aside from the incoming refugees, many Axuans are descended from those who lived in the area before the nation was founded. These Mizizi - a word meaning roots - had their own languages, customs and ruling systems. There were always more than enough Mizizi to form a united nation, but old conflicts and grievances undermined any attempt at unity. Then the refugees arrived. The Mizizi had also been harmed by the Endsworn's rise, and so when these newcomers made unity without culture loss possible, many groups listened to them. Though some resisted becoming part of Axu at first, the strength that came with togetherness eventually won them over.

The Mwewe

This tribe's name means 'hawk', although they live along Axu's northern coast. They have resisted Axuan rule since the first refugees and settlers arrived. Although Axu is more than powerful enough to crush them, they value individual traditions. The people of Axu speak of the Mwewe as a wayward cousin, and although there is little connection between them and their 'cousins', one or two customs have slipped through the barrier. Recently, they were framed for the murder of the previous Alme and her husband by a band of rogue ikayal. The new Alme, Elesbaan, discovered the truth during his own treaty with the Mwewe.
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Nice article! I'd love to read more about those 50 different clans, or at least some of the major ones. The concept is fantastic, and I like the idea of a blended culture like that.

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