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Yet'kigie: Judiciary Soldiers

Yet'kigie are less considered town watch or police as they are considered soldiers of the judiciary. Their daily tasks may not always risk their lives, but they have been mobilized to curtail insurrections and, in periods of judicial ambition or moral inflammation, incite a civil war.


Yet'kigie and ta'kigie are trained in the same set of academies across the Daskalarch Order of Keyrit. Academy curriculum includes two years' worth of active service throughout the homeland, or one year's service abroad, and one hundred full days' worth of academics and training.


To pass the military academy, cadets must be able to carry a tenth water weight (the equivalent of fifty pounds, or 23 kilograms) using arms alone, and a half water weight (250 pounds/113 kilograms) using any possible means at hand. The judiciary, however, appreciates those who excel in coursework and training, rather than those who surpass the strength requirements or those who exemplify themselves through service.


Most cadets are given a choice between serving the judiciary or serving the legislature, but, knowledgeable of their duty to ensure top-quality service, judges often make common trips, called "Justice Harvests," to pick personal guard, court guard, and particularly worthy members of the force.


The primary duty of the yet'kigie is usually not to make arrests but to gather voluntary information. If the information gathered provided enough suspicion to warrant an arrest, a yet'kigie would gather a force of five peers to make an arrest. Further, the occupation of yet'kigie is the only one obligated by law to "do good as best as possible within the vicinity of sight." Rulings have defined "good" as stopping criminals during and after their acts of crime, assisting the elderly and the disabled with their tasks, and getting the homeless off the streets.


The standard yet'kigie is given a "patrol list" of random households and places of business to peruse. The yet'kigie is given permission to enter the space before the building but must obtain permission from the owner before entering the building. The yet'kigie, if allowed, enters into the facility and listens to law-related (and many general) grievances from the houses. If a lead is found, the yet'kigie has authority to continue the trail where it leads, following the same system of authorities and permissions.


Yet'kigie are provided with free meals and lodging, both to protect them from sabotage and to prevent them from corruption. They technically own no personal possessions other than that which they can carry, but they are allowed liberal use of the treasury of the judiciary.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Yet'kigie are equipped with dice to randomly generate households for patrol lists, to escape boredom, and to break the ice during conversations. All yet'kigie have proficiency in short and long blades, axes, spears, and shields. They later developed proficiency in alkali-based firearms, and firearms became not only standard but primary fare.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Yet'kigie, upon proven cases of corruption, are sent to the front lines of the Keyrit Army as a disgraced ta'kigie. Any yet'kigie who takes a life, whether through self-defense or through criminal negligence, are given administrative tasks within the judiciary, most notably filling out patrol lists. Yet'kigie are expected to die in their position but allowed to retire to whatever families they may have.
Civic, Political
Form of Address
Good Sir
Alternative Naming
Dicemen, Half-Soldiers
Equates to
The yet'kigie has identical authority and training of a common soldier (ta'kigie) in the Keyrit Army.
Source of Authority
The Keyrit Constitution
Length of Term
Reports directly to

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