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Kroror: Sizing Up


The Kroror works as a projectile device with small ammunition. It is attached to an energy source, which was originally stationary but was modified to become mobile. It never seems to run out of pellets, probably because it was it was designed to hold so many (no one ever bothered to find out). The pellets, when shot, absorb themselves into the skin of the target, who then grows to various heights along a logarithmic curve depending on the number of pellets. The highest recorded height of the modern Kauaru, which was achieved by the invading Wlitowa Kauaru, was comparable to the original height of the ancient Kauaru.
Access & Availability
Only one Kroror was made. No one even knows what the inventor called it; "kroror" is just the most direct term that Wokaiya can use to describe it. Only one was deemed necessary, so only one was used, so only one survived, so only one exists. It is currently in the possession of the Keyrit Order, to be used sparingly for useful Wlitowa and Keyrit soldiers.
Even before the Kroror, no one knew exactly how the Kauaru managed to survive as tall as they did with the weight that they maintained. The inventor was killed before he could be captured by Keyrit forces, so the secret died with him. The laboratory was crushed under the heel of the defending Kauaru, then accidentally smashed by the invading Kauaru, so no discernible research was found. Finally, the Keyrit government is too concerned that the Kroror may be broken if reverse engineered. For all these reasons, the Kroror might as well be magic.
Legends say that the Kauaru were as tall as skyscrapers when they migrated to Wouraiya. Regardless of legends, analysis of ancient burial sites do suggest that the Kauaru were at least taller than most deciduous trees. Over the centuries, however, as the Kauaru mingled with humans, their average height became smaller and smaller, until the difference between the two were indiscernible.   In Gyukur, however, a scientist found a way to reignite the growth in descendants with certain Kauaru genes. The intent was to weaponize it against a joint Keyrityi and Wlitowan invasion. It was used during the siege of the city containing the complex, and the battle that ensued destroyed the entire facility, leaving only the Kroror itself intact. The Kroror was turned on Gyukur, leading to a quick and decisive end to the war.

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