Character Generation

The Basics

  We'll be using 4th edition's lifepath method for character generation. Because it involves some randomization, it can lead to characters of varying 'power levels', but even with poor rolls, it produces characters that are more powerful and varied than the archetype-based character generation method.   The lifepath method will let you develop anything from a Polish college student to a German KSK Commando to a US Army combat medic.   Aside from determining your character's mechanical elements, there are some concept items you need to decide on, too:   Moral Code: What is your character's moral code? This should be phrased as a single sentence. Whenever you choose to follow your moral code, you get a +1 modifier to one related skill roll and so long as you follow your moral code at least once in a game session, you'll get +1 XP for it at session's end.   Big Dream: Your immediate goal is usually going to be to live another day, but mere survival is rarely a successful long-term motivator. Your big dream is the thing that keeps you going. Whenever you take concrete action in furtherance of your big dream during a game session, you get +1 XP at session's end.   Your Buddy: Pick one of the other PCs. Come up with a reason why, but this is the person, even more than the rest of the group, that you'll risk life and limb for. Any time you do, you get a +1 modifier to one related skill roll and any session in which you do, you gain +1 XP at session's end, too. If you witness your buddy being injured, you may suffer mental stress. Buddies don't have to be reciprocal. Character A can choose character B as their buddy while character B chooses character C for their buddy.   How You Met: You may all be American members of the US 5th Infantry Division, or you may not. Either way, how did the group of PCs come together at the time of the campaign's start?

House Rules

  • Everyone gets 1 free Specialty (Don't overlook Linguist, as someone who can speak Polish or Russian would be helpful in the extreme).
  • By default, the game uses a random die roll modified by the number of PCs to determine what vehicle you start with, if any. Rather than roll, I'm going to give you an M1114 HMMWV with a pintle-mounted M249 and 1 belt of ammunition for it. If there end up being more than 5 PCs, I'm going to give you a civilian 4WD pickup truck, as well.

Additional Equipment

  • Whether your starting kit says it includes a flak jacket, helmet, and backpack or not, you get all of those things.
  • Your personal kit also get a shelter half, a sleeping bag, a poncho, a poncho liner, a flashlight, a gas mask, a personal mess kit, and a field jacket, gloves, and hat.
  • The group gets a small alcohol still.
  When we do chargen as a group, I'm going to give you a small number of spare parts
  • 1d3 electronics spare parts
  • 1d3 vehicle spare parts
  • 1d6 weapon spare parts
  • 1d10 general spare parts
  Each PC also gets to choose items from the following collections of gear:
  • Choose 1 of: Entrenching tool, axe, machete, bayonet, knife, hatchet
  • Choose 1 of: 1 signal panel, 2 trip flares, small signal mirror, orienteering compass
  • Choose 1 of: 24 chemlights, 1 Liter of lighter fluid, 1 Liter of kerosene
  • Choose 1 of: Kerosene lamp, backpacking stove, bicycle, 4 batteries (suitable for a flashlight or other small electric device)
  • Choose 1 of: 0.5kg of ground coffee beans, 4 dozen teabags, 0.5kg of chocolate, 2 packs of cigarettes
  • Choose 1 of: Zippo lighter, flint & steel firestarter, box of 50 strike anywhere matches
Example Moral Codes
  • I have a moral obligation to help those worse off than me
  • Soldiers ruling the world is wrong
  • Machines can be trusted; people can't
Example Big Dreams
  • See home again
  • Find a town worth protecting
  • Find a safe haven, somewhere

Full-Color Character Sheet
Printer-Friendly Character Sheet


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