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Session 15: Hive of the Ghoul-kin Report

General Summary

The Pit Patrol was hired by Sly Spencer to investigate a hive of ghouls that had infested the sewers beneath Aurumopolis. The team consisted of Lucius, Zernon, Thirteen, D'Wat, and T-R01d, each bringing their unique skills and abilities to the mission. T-R01d expressed a particular interest in locating the Brood Sire, the one responsible for creating these customized ghouls, as he sought to replicate their technology for his own quest to become a death knight.

Encounter 1: Hive of the Ghoul Kin

The Pit Patrol delved into the dark and eerie sewers, facing waves of ghouls, rot grubs, and corpse chewers. Despite the gruesome and relentless attacks, they pressed forward, determined to uncover the source of this ghoul infestation.

Encounter 2: Lab of the Brood Sire

As the Patrol continued deeper into the tunnels, they stumbled upon a charnel house filled with stolen bodies. The gruesome scene only strengthened their resolve to put an end to this menace. Eventually, they reached the lab of the Brood Sire, which was secured within a cage formed by enormous ribs. The area was heavily guarded by patrols of ghouls and corpse chewers, making the confrontation highly perilous.

The Brood Sire himself was a horrifying and massive creature, protected by meaty Ghoul-kin Bulwarks that absorbed attacks on his behalf. It was a challenging battle, but Lucius cleverly utilized his angelic heritage and Midnight's Bane to summon the power of the sun itself, which proved instrumental in burning out the ghouls hiding beneath the ground.


After a hard-fought and intense battle, the Pit Patrol emerged victorious. They successfully defeated the Brood Sire and eradicated the ghoul infestation in the sewers. T-R01d managed to gather valuable materials and information during the mission, furthering his quest to become an undead death knight or lich.

The Kirinal Concordance Zone owes a debt of gratitude to the Pit Patrol for their bravery and dedication in protecting the city from this ghoul threat. The hive of the ghoul-kin has been neutralized, thanks to the combined efforts of Lucius, Zernon, Thirteen, D'Wat, and T-R01d. Their actions serve as a testament to the heroism and vigilance of the Pit Patrol Adventuring Company.

Pit Patrol Adventuring Company
Lucius Solara
Oyxuysi Oyxuys
T-R01D, The Death-Bound Revenant
D’Wat Bestia
Fez the Jest
Report Date
19 May 2023
Primary Location

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