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Session 09: Welcome to Aurumopolis Report

General Summary

Settling In at the Bayani-Sun Casino

The Pit Patrol Adventuring Company has been promoted from Pit-Meat to an Independent Cadre Unit. Together, they have decided to move to Aurumopolis where they will work with the Legions of Light in the Bulwark of Light. Their sponsors are Deacon Gustav of the Church of Sun & Moon and Harmony Tun-Razak, Legionmaster of the Order of Light.

They have moved into civilian quarters in the Bayani-Sun Casino; known colloquially as the Wizard’s Watering Hole. The casino is off the main drag in the Solargate District, giving Lucius easy access to his holy spaces and the rest of the group quick access to work and fun.

The group was able to explore three of the four floors, gaining some new potions in the potion room, courtesy of Oyx. Fez the ever curious checked the quest board and the party tried its hand at a few of Tender’s riddles for some quick loot.

The group hit the main casino floor and cased out their new populous, noting that the Pit Meat there call themselves the Flaming Musketeers and most of the Bulwarkian’s clad themselves in gold and white. D’Wat recognizing the roguish types, like himself, made contact with Sly Spenser, letting him know that PPAC was new in town and keen to test their mettle.

Luckily Thirteen also got a psychic push toward Sly from her prisoner friend and Sly made a quick connection for the team and some work. He noted that he didn’t know much about the job, but just that the last security detail was keen on passing this particular journey on to another group. Sly also made sure to mention to keep an eye out for Shy, a competing rogue fence.

The crew took to their new accommodations snagging up the last few single rooms in the casino’s domicile floor; with D’Wat and Lucius awkwardly taking to a double room which would sure to be an interesting roommate situation.

The Furious Road

After securing their things the group made way to the waste and climbed aboard the Kranky Kraken a large self propelled rail care. Half of the group chose to take stations on the deck of the Kraken, tethered to the behemoth, while Thirteen, D’Wat, and Fez took to the sky upon magic carpets or under their own power. The quirky cargo pilot gave the security Potions of Gratuitous Adrenaline to help dissuade any would be thieves. As the cargo car made its way through the waste PPAC quickly noticed advancing vehicles, who kicked up plumes of sand as they charged toward the defended cargo car. They were set upon by trikes of Gnolls. D’Wat, Thirteen, and Oyx quickly rattled off ranged attackers taking out a few of the speeding trikes as the other three sentries readied themselves for boarding marauders. Wave after wave of Gnolls came at the crew, hoping to access the precious cargo, but they were held at bay.

A larger transport zoomed into place alongside the adventurers piloted by a guitar wielding Gnoll and with an eyrie presence of malice that noticeably irked Zernon. As PPAC held back the attacks the strumming Gnoll pushed his marauders forward, but was swiftly hit by a fireball from Thirteen then boarded by T-R01D. T-R01d Managed to wipe the deck clean sending the Gnoll bard plummeting into the sands below. While aboard the transport T-R01D was met with an explosion, but adeptly kept his composure and made a quick landing on the cargo car with a a heinous devil in tow. As the crew set upon the devil and hordes of encroaching Gnolls a portion of the loot was left unsecured and four Gnolls were able to toss packages off the cargo car. As the packages tore open in the sand the crew could see glimpses of what looked like small creatures. Zernon was able to take out the demon as T-R01D held him in a grapple. Fez and Oyx did their best to secure the deck repelling the Gnolls with lightning and fire breath.

The endless caravan of Gnolls did not stop with more vehicles encroaching on the cargo with magic users. One even deflected a full on fireball from Thirteen. The crew continued to fight what seemed to be an endless stream of Gnolls losing additional packages. As the cargo car approached a canyon Zernon was able to take out the largest fiend with the help of the adrenaline potion. As the cargo car hit the lip of the canyon it was met with a tremendous magical push sending those aboard scrambling to keep purchase on deck. Zernon winded from his adrenaline push could not stay upright and smashed his head on the deck only staying aboard thanks to the tether affixed to his waist. T-R01D was able to pull the 300 lbs of dead weight back aboard and get some healing magic into him. As the cargo car took to the sky the party members who were not onboard were left to fly their own way to the drop off location. As PPAC regrouped they were met by Grey Angels who tossed a few packages their way for compensation.

Pit Patrol Adventuring Company
Lucius Solara
Oyxuysi Oyxuys
T-R01D, The Death-Bound Revenant
D’Wat Bestia
Fez the Jest
Report Date
18 Mar 2023

Cover image: PPAC Campaign Tier 1 by Chris L - Heroforge


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