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Session 07: Lola Carly's Kitchen and the Trial of the Sun Report

General Summary

The Kitchen and Karaoke

A few weeks off followed their last encounter, the prison break, PPAC looked to enjoy a night out growing their camaraderie and testing their skills. The group went to visit a popular haunt, Lola's Comfy Kitchen. With their table full of exotic Filipino dishes the company enjoyed their day off.

With a little sleight of hand D’Wat spiked the ever sober Lucius’ calamansi juice with a little Psychic Beer; the unknowing Lucius sprouted two extra arms while chomping down on some lumpia. Zernon, ever weary, casted divine sense and was overwhelmed with the amount of both evil and good energy in the room spilling out from Lola Carly and Tito Shadow.

Seeing the group Lola Carly sauntered over after her last 100% set at the karaoke machine and pulled each member aside to “see” their fate.

  • She regarded Lucius with high hopes and applauded his devotion, noting that he could be a spark for the new sun and was worthy of a new blade.

  • Zernon learned that he could be better with his abilities if he were to step out of Lucius’ shadow and roar with his own lion heart.

  • Oyx learned that he could tip the scale of fate for the Dragon Empire, thinking back on his family, and he never knows if he will have to go to them or if they would come to this plane.

  • D’Wat was lectured about his impulsive ways that could lead him down the wrong path, but he will do well to lead his friends as a guide; Lola was also impressed with his ‘sneaky sneak” actions.

  • T-R01D learned that his destiny was uncertain and that he needed to stand by his compatriots and too keep a keen eye out for someone with his weapon’s twin.

  • Lola took Thirteen carefully aside sensing a strong bond; Lola pulled her shirt slightly away to reveal an identical tattoo to the one sported by Thirteen. She told Thirteen that she is a powerful sorcerer and she sees big plans in her future, she told Thirteen she can call on her as the High Priestess of Molak.

Lola also gave each campaigner a magic bibingka to take on their travels. With the two strong characters separated Zernon again casted divine sense and was overwhelmed and the group had to take him back to their table to rest. Oyx fed Kuya Buwaya on their way out and the group made their way home.

The Trial of the Sun

As the crew walked back they spotted a door with a peculiar sun symbol of Rampol. It reacted to Lucius and opened, filling the evening darkness with the light of a noon day sun. The group took a chance and stepped into the emblazoned room noting a cryptic riddle on the door as they entered and the party was filled with the feeling of righteousness and humbleness. The first room they entered was filled with golden hour sun and some of the group took the chance to update their identa-hedron with great photos.

The party moved to a banquet hall with the lavish attendees requesting their stories of triumph and tact. While Lucius, Oyx and D’Wat regaled the group with tales of victory, Zernon healed a stumbling half-elf, and Thirteen aided a struggling servant light a lantern. The three story tellers received small gifts for their tales and they were on their way to the next room.

A huge battle arena opened into their view as they passed through the arch of the previous door with a golden dragon holding court. The party was invited to show their might and fight for fun, but were reminded to do so righteously. Two sprites and a unicorn appeared in the arena opposite PPAC. Starting off the battle Thirteen casted twinned eldrtich blasts taking out the tiny sprites who left their places shouting “good fight” and “well made”.

The rest of the party lurched forward to engage the unicorn with T-R01D leading the charge and Oyx providing support from the back with his turret and rifle. With the party upon him the unicorn advanced, throwing up a magical shield, and hitting the party with hooved attacks. Even with a radiant shield the group countered the unicorns attacks with Thirteen striking the winning blow and were able to proceed from the arena.

Though they would happily take on new challenges they wanted to see what would be in the next room. They lost out on loot from minor competitors and even the golden dragon’s horde.

Entering the next room the doors opened into a vaulted throne room with massive pillars and a large angel. The party steeled themselves for the incoming battle and D’Wat advanced stealthily to a far column and made an attack on the angel. T-R01D also advanced to close the distance.

The Angel Apeilon, Arbiter of the Sun, unsheathed it’s massively radiant sword and took to T-R01D unleashing devastation on him; bloodying him in an instant. Lucius, Oyx, and Zernon traded blows with the angel as Thirteen healed T-R01D.

The company continued to pummel the angel with T-R01D holding it in place as the rest unleashed their magic and ammunition. The angel finally relented turning into a ring of the sun and leaving behind its blade. The crew manifested again in Lola’s Comfy Kitchen and Lola Carly bid them a farewell hinting that more trials awaited them in the light of the moon and under the starlit sky.

Rewards Granted

Ring of the Burning Sun

Pit Patrol Adventuring Company
Lucius Solara
Oyxuysi Oyxuys
T-R01D, The Death-Bound Revenant
Fez the Jest
Report Date
05 Mar 2023
Primary Location

Cover image: PPAC Campaign Tier 1 by Chris L - Heroforge


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