Cibra Vomen (a.k.a. Spider)

How profound and dreadful life seems to be. I fall in love once and he is taken from me, for what, a god's pride? I allow myself to love a boy who had been there my entire life, never quite good enough, but he would do. Simon, many would say he was not good enough for me, but I know that he was the only one for me. A man who I could insult, prank, lay with, and confide in, never once worrying about what his motivations were. He had such a good heart, and he may hate me for selling my serves to that moon cunt, but at the end of it all. Even if you reject me, I will be happy knowing that your in this world, nagging some asshole to be a better person. . .even if it isn't me.
— Last entry in Cibr's Journal

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Cibra has a crafted her body to be a tool of her profession. She doesn't have an hourglass body that draws attention to her. While having a body of a gymnast, she covers her body under layers of clothes.

Body Features

White skin, brown long hair, and a scar on her left eye. B cup breast and slender frame.

Facial Features

A soft framed face, with a scar over her left eye. Her nose is petite and small lips.

Identifying Characteristics

Scar over the left eye, crescent moon with a wave in the center tattoo on her right wrist.

Physical quirks

A superficial smile that seems to never leave her face.

Specialized Equipment

Chained dagger, poisons, and light weight armor.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Cibra's birth was full of examinations by the Cardinal Legion due to her mother being the Vemon witch. She was raised by her father Wayne as a single parent, after her burned her mother on the cross. Despite having to be examed weekly by a cardinal doctor, she lived a life much better than others of her class. Her father took her out on field trips when he had a low risk assignment in parts across the kingdom. When she was around the age of six, her father found her one day crumpled in the kitchen floor motionless. He rushed her to the hospital where the doctor told him that she has beyond lethal amounts of poison in her body. After four days in the hospital, her father much like the doctors were shocked at her recovery.
The poison found in her body could have killed 4 grown men. She shouldn't be alive, but I have gotten a report from the cardinal doctor that she doesn't have traces of magic. So she is able to be released back in your care.
It came out later that night that she had been ready his books on poisons and for months been taking small doses of poisons to build up immunity. He offered to teach her the proper methods of poison handling, knowing she was headstrong much like himself. Years went by of her secret training under her father, and doubling as a normal school girl. She held up the disguise till the Palorian attack, where she left town with her friends on a grand journey.

Gender Identity

She prefers to few herself as a ghost.


She prefers the company of men


  • Secretly trained in infiltration(expert) and poison crafting(novice) by her father.
  • Learned to identify mages and basics of magic from Santa Cruz
  • Apprenticed under Mr.Scorpion to gain her journeyman poison skill.
  • Apprenticed under Black Momba for basics of assassination skills


She never held a job, but she is currently an adventurer with her friends on a quest to deliver a princess back home.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • She survived the siege of Palor on Durgen Port
  • She married Simon a childhood friend

Failures & Embarrassments

She was gravely injuried by an Ogre that resulted in her husband being killed

Mental Trauma

I do not know what you have taught her but this child frankly scares me. She displays several red flags such as, Disregard for right and wrong, Lying to others to exploit others, quite disrespectful, and seems to enjoy the discomfort of others. I fear you are raising a Voidheart, I recommend you check her into the local Retard Centers(

Intellectual Characteristics

  • Spatial : She has a great understanding of spatial relations
  • Logical : Depending on the emotional stress will decrease her logical processes
  • Creative: Emotional stress will increase her critical creative thinking
  • Philosophical : She doesn’t have a firm understand on spiritual levels of thinking
  • Social : Her training has allowed her a great understanding on how to read people.

Morality & Philosophy

Her morality has shifted from have fun with no lasting damage to others, to anyone's life is worth sacrificing to bring her husband back.
In this world of darkness and hate, we. . .I need someone like Simon's good heart to remind me that people are worth saving.


Rape and killing family.

Personality Characteristics


Cibra has two goals in her life right now. The first is to resurrect her husband Simon, and the second is to become a witch hunter like her father.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

She is great when mixing poisons, but doesn't understand how to create cures to them.

Likes & Dislikes

She loves playing pranks on her team members and being a nuisance, but she dislikes when people talk down about her fallen lover, or calls her a thief.

Virtues & Personality perks

She is nimble and very stealthy, and knows how to operate in the underworld.

Vices & Personality flaws

She doesn't know understand the concepts of personal boundaries and lines. When she puts her mind to something she will not stop till she dies or gets what she wants.

Personality Quirks

Snorts when she laughs and tries to smother people that she sleeps in bed with.


She only cares that she is clean enough to keep away health issues and blend into her surroundings.


Family Ties

  • Wayne She has a close relationship with her father and cares deeply about him.
  • She never knew her mother and doesn't have any connection with her, but knows of her history.

Religious Views

Gods exist to serve my purpose, when I have what I want then I leave them to their own devices.

Social Aptitude

She is Extroverted and talks with alot of Confidence.


She tends to twirl her hair around her finger when talking to people.

Hobbies & Pets

No pets but her hobbies involve looking for new methods of mixing plants to further her craft.


She elongates words to give off a sarcastic tone when she is joking with someone.

Wealth & Financial state

She money she took from the dead and the equipment she sold from looting.
1341 AF 1360 AF 19 years old
Circumstances of Birth
The daughter of the legendary Cardinal Legion witch hunter Wayne and the dreaded Vemon witch
Pale Yellow
Light Brow
5' 10"
Quotes & Catchphrases
Why are you so mad? It was just a joke. You don't need. . .to be soooo. . . serious.
Known Languages


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