Non-human- The Nori

Race- The Nori
Movement- 20ft (7 hexes/inches)
Racial stat bonuses- +2 agility, +2 intellect, +2 strength
Racial skill bonuses- +1 armour use- light, +1 athletics, +2 brawling, +1 deception, +1 geography, +1 intimidate, +1 nature, +1 planar knowledge, +1 spell casting, +1 stealth, +1 survival, +1 thievery, +1 +1 weapon skill- bludgeoning
Languages- Trade tongue, Nori and 2 other languages of their choice

Racial special abilities-
Small size- The Nori gains +2 to their basic defensive value
Masters of intimidation- The character adds an additional 2d6 when making an intimidation roll
Fey resistance- The Nori roll two additional d6 when making a roll to resist the effects of arcane spells, taking the best two results
Nori tricks- The character rolls for a random spell from the Nori spell list
Skilled trackers- The Nori gain an additional 2d6 when making a tracking roll, taking the best two results
Racial backgrounds- The Nori are a Fey race that once lived in the Feylands. For reasons unknown the Nori left the Feylands. The Nori are a very curious and merry race that perhaps considered the prime material an interesting and exciting place to visit. Despite their small stature they are quite strong, and they love to brawl with anybody. They seem strange as they are brawling and yet smiling and laughing. Despite leaving the Feylands they still remain highly magical.
Racial description- The Nori are a short race of average build. Nori all have violet coloured eyes but, their hair can be any colour of the rainbow. Their skin colours range from light tan to a deep nutty brown tone. The Nori stand between 3’0” and 3’6” with the female Nori having the same range of height.

Racial maximums- Agility- 16/+5 Endurance- 12/+3 Insight- 12/+3 Intellect- 16/+5 Presence- 12/+3 Strength- 16/+5 Willpower- 12/+3

The Nori tricks table
1- Big whacker- grow a twig to stout club (DC- 11)
2- Hand breaker- change to solid stone versus one punch (DC- 11)
3- Quick step- Blinking teleport random (DC- 14)
4- Big brother- make another Nori larger (DC- 14)
5- Start brawl- just what it says (DC- 17)
6- Bigger mug- Doubles the size of a mug of ale (DC- 17)

Spell name- Big whacker
Range- Touch
Casting DC- 11
Duration- Permanent
Components- Verbal
Effect- This changes a twig into a club that causes 1d6 endurance (physical bludgeoning)

Spell name- Hand breaker
Range- Self
Casting DC- 11
Duration- 1 hit
Components- Verbal
Effect- The character can cast this in reaction to having somebody through a brawling strike. They lose their next move action or action. The caster’s body becomes rock-hard and anybody that hits them while they are like this causes whatever damage their attacker would have inflicted on themselves as brawling damage (non-lethal)

Spell name- Quick step
Range- Self
Casting DC- 14
Duration- 1 minute
Components- Verbal
Effect- Each round a character can take their action and then move or they can move than take their action. However, the movement of the character is random each round. The character rolls 2d6 and that becomes the number of hexes/inches they teleport that round. Roll on the table to determine where they roll. Note that they can never end their move in a solid object they always stop before ending up in that object.
1- Forward
2- Right
3- Left
4- Backward
5- Forward right (1-3) or left (4-6)
6- Backward right (1-3) or left (4-6)

Spell name- Big brother
Range- Touch
Casting DC- 14
Duration- 1 minute
Components- Verbal, somatic
Effect- This spell only has the listed effect on a Nori. The target grows to be four times as big. This negates the Nori’s small benefit but adds the following-
+4 strength (Not subject to racial maximums)
+4 endurance (Not subject to racial maximums)
They gain resistance to brawling attack damage equal to 1 + their new endurance bonus
Lastly their brawling damage adds 2 extra points to any successful grapple attack

Spell name- Start brawl
Range-20ft (7 hexes/inches) radius centered on the Nori
Casting DC- 17
Duration- Instantaneous
Components- Verbal, Foci (Something from a bar like a mug or glass or bottle, GM discretion)
Effect- All potential targets in the are must attempt a willpower roll versus DC 8 + the presence bonus of the caster or immediately begin to brawl (attack) the nearest target to them friend or foe. When the brawl breaks out the targets that failed will only use brawling attacks. The exception to this is if the targets are already inclined to use lethal force on another talker in the area. Instead of using brawling attacks they will just attack with weapons (lethal force). This is at the GM’s discretion

Spell name- Bigger mug
Range- Touch
Casting DC- 17
Duration- up to thirty minutes or until the mug is empty
Components- Verbal, Foci (a mug or tankard of any material) Effect- When this is cast the mug doubles in size also doubling any liquid that is in it. The mug also becomes large enough to act as a lethal weapon. The object causes 1d6 endurance damage (physical bludgeoning). Striking with it can break the item at the GM’s discretion

The Nori background development table
1- +1 Agility (Subject to racial maximums)
2- New trickery-The character gains a new random spell from the
3- +1 Intellect (Subject to racial maximums)
4- Powerful brawler- The Nori gains an additional d6 when attempting an opposed strength roll while brawling, taking the best two results. Subsequent rolls of this ability add an additional d6 to a maximum of 5d6
5- +1 Strength (Subject to racial maximums)
6- Mana development- The character adds 2 mana to their mana pool


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