World of Darkness


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The world is not like you once thought. You know better now. It is a dark place. The bedtime monsters you once thought fantasy are real. Not just a few of them, no, all of them. They all exist. The gods and goddesses that you were once told in history class were mere myth, are real. Not just the Greek, or Egyptians or Norse, no. All of them. Stories of the Wood Elves, High Elves, Dwarves, Mermaids, Werefolk, the Fae, every single one, true. No, man doesn't live in coexistence with these beings. Far from it. Mankind is the food, entertainment and play things of them all and yet mankind is such things unknowingly.   Mankind thinks they are the dominant species of the planet. Mankind is unaware of any of the other beings. A great viel covers them all from the minds of men. You see, the creatures call the viel many things: The Hedge, The Mist, Lunacy, and many others but this viel is the same thing. It blinds mankind to the creatures of fantasy and darkness and yet protects them as well. Magic, for example, has the tendency to go haywire amongst mortals. None know why or how this all came to be. For once, in the distant past this viel did not exist. Where do you think the stories came from? Imagination? Please. Don't be so niave. It was the truth.   Something has changed recently. These days, more and more mortals are becoming aware of the true world. Some have built entire organizations to combat the darkness of the true world others stumble into this knowledge by shear luck or a random twist of fate. Here the choice must be made. Shall the newly awakened mortals take up a candle and peer into the darkness or simply bury thier heads in the ground and use poor reasoning to explain it all away? Be careful, sometimes, the darkness looks back. Fear not though, for others have done so before. Not all survive. Even so, should you fall to the darkness, another shall pick up the candle and take up the Vigil.   Welcome to the real world mortal. Welcome to the World of Darkness.


Ready to Die

World of Darkness (White Wolf)