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Rockport Public School

What kind of formal education is available to children in your world? Why is it available and how is it organized?   Rockport built a primary and secondary school after it broke down the outer wall in order to expand. As the population of Rockport grew, the school took over extra buildings and built a few more. Now, the public school system is attempting to incorporate more magical theory into the curriculum since they have lost access to Neverwinter's Magic Academy.


The primary and secondary school each have their own principal that handles the day to day operation, and they both answer to the Director of Education in the Rockport City Government. The Director of Education makes most decisions, but is overseen by the mayor and the Citizen School Oversight Committee.    Along those lines, the Director of Education and the Citizen School Oversight Committee are in charge of the magic apprentice program developed in cooperation with Phandalin.

Public Agenda

The Rockport Public School system was created to provide education to every person who wants it in Rockport. Though they mostly teach children, Rockport is somewhat unique in offering primary and secondary education even to adults. This arose mostly because Rockport's demographics includes a lot of poor people, criminals, and former orphans who didn't have a lot of opportunity to get an education when they were children.   Since Neverwinter was closed and Rockport allied with Phandalin, it has started expanding its school system yet again to accommodate educating people from Phandalin. Rockport has also been incorporating more basic magic theory education to give a better foundation to those who want to enter the magical apprentice program in Phandalin.   The magical apprentice program itself is also a new program incorporated into the public school system. Anyone who wishes to become a magic user must submit an application. Ten applicants are chosen each year by the Committee with the Director casting a tie-breaking vote if necessary.   The chosen applicants then enter into a short-term apprenticeship with ten magic users who work at the Forge of Spells and volunteer for the program. The applicants' necessities and accommodation are provided by the Rockport government and when the apprenticeship is over, the newly-minted magic users choose a sort of residency program among several different career paths, serving under more experienced magic users for another year. Some programs apprentices can choose include Rockport's publicly owned hospital, its construction corps, city defense, or recreational drug manufacturing.
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