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A sentient hand mirror that can keep you looking youthful for as long as you possess the mirror. The item to recover in 5B. Conning the Conman.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Reflekta's greatest joy is talking to people and hearing their stories, so in order to maintain her blessing, the user must use the mirror at least once every two weeks. To activate it, you look into the mirror and call Reflekta's name. If she thinks that your tone is disrespectful, she won't appear and if you insult her, she may remove her boon from you entirely.¬†   But if she is succesfully summoned, you're still not done. Reflekta will take her time sprucing up your appearance, usually between 30 minutes and an hour, during which she expects you to gossip and small talk with her. Basically, it's the same as going to the hairdresser.


MAYBE Reflekta once was one of the gods of gem dragons, which was a third type of dragon that never created a mortal race and instead simply hid themselves away in various objects to avoid the conflict between chromatic and metallic dragons. So, there are certain very powerful gem-like items that are scattered over the celestial and material realms that actually contain the spirits of gem dragons.   Reflekta is a crystal dragon goddess; she doesn't have a domain because there is no mortal gem dragon race that would assign her a domain. She made a crystal mirror, bestowed it upon a mortal dwarf who she had befriended in the Material Realm. The dwarf passed the mirror along to her children and from there it passed between hundreds of people, always passing to the next owner by voluntary means.   Because of that caveat and the fact that Reflekta only makes people look¬†younger, no great battles were fought over her and her history is largely a peaceful one. Some people kept her until the novelty of looking young wore off; others used her until their dying day and guarded her jealously.
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Current Location
Reflekta is one of a kind and she's very fond of telling you that
Raw materials & Components
The item itself is made of what appears to be a single, large piece of crystal in the shape of a hand mirror, with the mirror portion polished to a reflective sheen. The mirror's handle is said to be very uncomfortable to hold, especially given how heavy the mirror is, so most users hold it using a thick glove or hang it on a wall.   When called upon by her true master, Reflekta herself appears in the mirror as a beautiful blonde dwarven woman. She took the image of her first friend to honor her after she died.

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