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The Fourth Era

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You can feel the warmth of the bright sun laying down upon you, as you stand along the grass plains of Roscrea. You soar upon the blue skies of Evermist, as you can hear the water dropping from great cliffs, as it falls upon a calm, serene lake, bordering a great elven city, as children play in the streets with fairy's that dance all around them.   You sit upon great mountains that touch the very sky, as you look out upon the great distances that are offered to you. You feel the grass along your feet as you stand in the tall grass in the savannah of Malatata. You can see the great kingdoms of Mer beneath the water, in an entire new world. You can hear the rumbling vibrations of mineshafts, as you feel the dwarves work on their precious mining.   These are just a few of the locations that are in Wold, and a few that a unlucky, or perhaps lucky, trio of teenagers find themselves after a heartbreaking night. They must learn to adapt to this new world, or die in it.