Presented by the Chromatian Staff
Before you lies an enormous grimoire, a gilded artifact bound in otherworldly materials and tangible, fantastical magics. Arcane sigils and runes adorn almost every facet of the illustrious bindings, seemingly set with distinct and intentional purpose. As soon as you place your hand upon the book, the sense that countless ley lines cross one another at this singular point and through them, an endless flood of knowledge surges through artifact, your hand, and into your mind. As you ponder on what this could mean, the book opens and presents a foreword from its principal author.  
Over the years, my colleagues and I have collected a wealth of information about our wild world, its storied past, and the vast expanse of the realms connected to it. Every magical secret, historical find, or note of significance about Chromatia we’ve ever found rests within the pages of this artifact, the Wizipedia. It is far from a finished product, as every day new discoveries are being made. The wonders of magic and technology alike are abounded in every nook and cranny the globe has to offer, waiting for the right wielder to help bring peace to the world once and for all.   Our world, a seemingly peaceful dot of green and blue in the astral seas, is anything but. Eldritch abominations, mythical monstrosities, and forgotten nightmares are a constant threat to our world’s and our own well-being, stopped only by the brave and legendary heroes that rise to meet them in battle and drive them back to the dark corners they came from. My aim with the Wizipedia was to make it possible for all the disparate communities around our world to connect with and learn from one another, so we make grow stronger as a global society, developing our shared philosophies and presenting a more cohesive, united front against those who would consider our world an enemy.   Whether you count yourself among the heroes who form the line between our world and disaster, or someone who simply finds themselves looking for knowledge on current events and helpful resources to get through your daily lives, you’ve come to the right place. I look forward to each and every one of your contributions.   Kindest regards, Sir Gilliam Jobbus
  And certainly, as you delve deeper into your thoughts and inquiries, the book responds and presents exactly what it is you need to know, or leads you to the philosophies of those who’ve come before you attempting to pool their knowledge to seek the very same answers. Rules governing both the abstract and defined, detailed diagrams of economic charts, weather patterns, the rise and fall of kingdoms, records of war, profiles of monsters and legends, and far more can be found within the infinite pages of the tome.   It stands to reason, then, that perusing the contents of this tome will almost certainly teach you everything there is to know about Chromatia. Best start reading!