Witch Cursed

After the fourth morning that I'd stumped me little toe on the kitchen table leg I knew I'd been cursed. That's what I get for tryna pull a fast one on a Witch. I had to apologise in public and clean her outhouse before she would lift it.
— A fool who thought he could outsmart a Witch

Transmission & Vectors

The method in which the curse is applied depends on the Witch and the circumstances. Some curses can be applied instantly with a few hastily wrought words, while others are carefully crafted and thought out. They can be transmitted with a thought, via food and drink, or even by objects. The effectiveness of the curse is utterly dependent on precisely how vexed the Witch is with the recipient, and the more powerful the Witch the greater the curse.  


Becoming Witch Cursed is usually the result of angering a Witch enough that they feel you ought to be taught a lesson. Cheating or stealing from a Witch is a sure way to get yourself cursed, if you are foolish enough to get yourself found out. It's usually best to step lightly around a witch that seems to be in a foul mood too.
Round these parts most folk put the cause down to stupidty. I mean you'd have to be stupid to piss off a witch, especiallly if they seemed angry to begin with.
— A local elder dispensing wisdom


Symptoms can vary wildly, and depend entirely on the inventiveness of the Witch who place the curse. There are a few classic examples that are often used when a Witch is in a hurry, or so vexed she can't think quite straight, that are instantly recognisable by folk: transformation into a frog or pig, food tasting like dirt, terrible bad luck etc. However, some unlucky folk, have had the misfortune to displease a particularly crafty Witch, and some of those results have been dastardly indeed.  
It must be noted that to be Witch Cursed is very rarely fatal, and most cases that have been, were the result of unforseen circumstances. Curses seem to be designed to cause discomfort, embarassment or disruption to one's life in order to teach the afflicted a lesson.
Excerpt from A study on Curses


A curse can usually be lifted by making ammends to the Witch who placed it. If the curse was placed due to some personal offence to a Witch then apologising, paying recompense, performing some task, or a mix of the three will usually be sufficient. If the cursed person is being taught a lesson due to: disruptive or anti-social behaviour, repeated misdeeds, or offenses to nature for instance, then lifting the curse can be a much more complicated affair.


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Master Watchman Deedly
Watchman Deedly
13 Aug, 2022 20:09

Ugh...cleaning an outhouse has got to be worse than cleaning a hospital bathroom during cold/flu/stomach bug season. (I don't miss that job.)

Watchman Deedly
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27 Aug, 2022 20:54

oooft, sounds grim. Did you annoy a Witch?

Master Watchman Deedly
Watchman Deedly
27 Aug, 2022 21:26

I wish I had...No, sadly I needed money to pay a witch her rent money. I really didn't want to upset that witch.

Watchman Deedly
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