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spring week 3

Discovering Moonbreaker Mountain

While climbing up the lower slopes of the mountain, I came across a rocky outcropping which looked to a perching point for Gull Drakes, judging by the amount of droppings which littered its surface. I clambered out to it, the view was breathtaking even at this lower point of the mountain. As I was scraping the guano into a clay pot, I looked down and noticed a nest on the ledge below me. I climbed down to inspect it, being careful not to disturb anything. The nest was quite large, probably that of a Rannoc Eagle. I noticed a tuft of grey fur sticking out from the side of the nest, it tugged at my Witch senses so I carefully plucked it free, and tucked it into my belt pouch for further investigation.  


I was climbing up a steep section of the narrow cliff path when i slipped, a hail of stones rattled down the cliff face onto some Gull drakes that had been resting on a ledge. Quite angry at this disturbance they flew at me, squaking in that vulgar way they have, scratching and pecking me with beak and claw. I ran from tem as fast as I could, until they gave up the chase and went back to their nests  


After escaping the pesky Gull-Drakes, I found myself on an old path thta didn't seeem to have been travelled recently. Ahead I could see a pile of boulders and rocks blocking the path, maybe there had been a rockslide. As I approached however, the rocks began to shift and groan. The pile of rubble slowly became a large squat humanoid shape. It was a Golem, it seemed to be in some sort of dis-repair. Maybe I could fix it.   It must have been here for a while, as plants had started to grow upon its back, one of those plants happened to be the Moonflower lotus i had been looking for. The golem didnt seem to mind when I used his leg? to step up on to reach my prize. I made a note of the Golems location on my map.  

Attacked Again!

Rawr growled a warning seconds before a shadow blacked out the sun above me, falling silently from the sky was a huge rushing mass of claws teeth and wings! A gryphon! I frantically looked around for somewhere to hide, I noticed a small crack in the rock face just ahead, I hoped it was big enough for me to get in, but samll enough that the gryphon couldn't. I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me and dove for the crack, it wasn't very deep, but I wriggled back as far as I could. Rawr darted in behind me, chirping loudly.   The gryphon was almost as fast, i'd barely got myself in before it was at the entrance. It's head darted forward, but the crack was too small to fit its whole head in. Its razor sharp beak snapped angrily inches away from my face, its loud screeches almost deafening in the small space. I felt something fly from the creatures mouth and hit my face, but I couldn't see what it was on account of me having my eyes squeezed tight shut the whole time. It flew off in frustration, or after another meal, after several very long minutes.   I poked my head out cautiously to make sure the gryphon was gone, I couldn't see any sign of it, but was still nervous as I exited my small shelter. Rawr came after me a few seconds later, chirruping softly. He had something in his mouth. he said it has come out of the gryphon's mouth. I took it from him, and noticed with horror that it looked awfully like pixie fur, probably the gryphon's last meal. This wasn't quite how I had expected to collect this reagent, but I suppose a Witch shouldn't look a gift gryphon in the mouth.  

Home Sweet Home

After that macabre discovery, I wasn't in the mood for more exploration, so I headed off home, keeping a wary eye on the sky. Once back at the cottage I made some strong tea to settle my nerves after the day's excitement, before beginning the process of making the potion. It was late in the evening

Year 1752 - Spring - Week 3


Name: Thraggead Kragmaster.   Description: A city tourist who took a daytrip to Glimmerwood Grove. A Dwarven male, with a rather magnificent beard, and an unfortunate big red nose, though that was probably from the allergies.   Location Staying at the Copper Fox tavern. If not there leave the potion with one of the staff members.


Name: Pollen Pox   Reagents: Gull-drake guano, moonlotus flower, pixie fur   Locations: Moonbreaker Mountain
  Reagents found: Nest Scraps, Gull Drake Guano, Moonlotus Flower, Pixie Fur.


Name: Blueberrysaus   Method: Crush the Gull Drake Guano in the mortar and pestle until it is a fine powder. Bring some fresh, clean water to the boil and add the powdered Guano. Allow to boil for three minutes. In the meantime crush the pixie fur as fine as it will go. Once removed from boil, stir in the Pixie Fur. (I said a few words for the spirit of the dead pixie a I sprinkled in the fur). Allow to cool and then pour into a bottle. 1 point of sweet added by Rawr   Instructions:Drink one half of the potion before bed and the other half upon waking, symptoms should be gone by the afternoon.
  Rep: +1 Silver: +24


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