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Putting Down Roots

Finding a Familiar

While I am enjoying finally having my own cottage, living on my own does get a little lonely from time to time, so I decided it was about time I got myself a familiar. This morning I woke with the dawn, ate a hurried breakfast of bread and jam, and gathered together a few special items. I remembered a small glade I had come across in the nearby woods, when out on one of my morning walks, that would be perfect for the ritual.   Less than an hour later I had found the spot I was looking for and began laying out the items I had brought, before taking a seat on the ground before them. The Familiar Calling Ritual is quite a personal thing and not to be shared lightly, so I won't go into detail here, but much to my delight my call was answered by a small purple Necrodragon named Rawr. I so look forward to getting to know them better and building our bond.  

Making a New Friend

After a couple of days of spending time with Rawr and showing them about the cottage, I decided it was time to visit Rinta for tea as I had promised. I left Rawr to their own devices with a warning to stay out of trouble, and a promise that she could into town with me next time. Rinta seemed very pleased to see me, and made us a delicious lavender and chamomile tea. She also had some biscuits that one of the children had brought in for her, and they were so good we ate them all.   We had quite a bit in common and Rinta has quite a dry sense of humour, which appeals to me. We were so engrossed in our conversation that we didn't realise how late it was getting until Elwick came home from work, and I suddenly noticed it was dark outside. I said my goodbyes and walked back to the cottage with a light step and a growing sense of attachment to this place.

Year 1752 - Spring Week 2 - Downtime

More Gardening

I planted my first reagent in the small plot at the rear of the house. I could feel the magic shift over the next couple of days as the magical plot adjusted itself to the perfect conditions for the Moon Lotus I had planted. Over time I hope to have a few more of these plots.   I also took a trip out to one of the local farmsteads and purchased some fertilizer, and vegetable seeds and shoots. I now have a nice little vegetable patch started and am on my way to a bit more self sufficiency. On my may out to the place where I did my familiar ritual, I had collected a few cuttings of some wildflowers, and these I replanted into the planters I had set up in the front garden.


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