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It All Begins

First Patient

I got my first patient today, it was very exciting. He seemed quite nervous at first, but I sat him down at the kitchen table and made him a cup of tea while we did our introductions. He soon loosened up and revealed to me his problem by opening up the top few buttons of his shirt. The hair that spilled out made it immediately obvious that he was suffering from a case of Yeti Chest. The way his voice kept dipping into a low growl, only confirmed my diagnosis.     I assured him that I would be able to help, and that I would deliver a cure within the next few days. In the meantime, I advised him aginst trying to shave it off, as this would only make it grow back thicker. He seemed relieved that I took his problem seriously, and left in a slightly better mood than he had arrived. I consulted the old Witch's journal and found out where I could find the necessary ingredients, before heading to bed for an early night.  

Discovering Glimmerwood Grove

  I woke with the dawn, had a simple breakfast of porridge, dressed in sturdy clothes, and packed the few supplies I thought I would need. I left a note pinned to the door stating I would be out all day, and set off towards Glimmerwood Grove. According to the journal it would be reasonably easy to find boars there, however getting the hair from a boar might prove to be a little trickier.   I had been travelling for about an hour, when I encountered a river. It didn't seem very deep or fast flowing so I attempted to cross it, removing my shoes and socks first. I was about half way across, when my foot slipped on an algae covered rock and I tumbled into the water. To my, and their, surprise I fell straight onto a naiad who had been taking a nap on the river bed. They reacted quickly and carried my spluttering form to the other bank, depositing me gently on the rocky shore.   After an embarassed few minutes, they sat and talked with me for a bit while I wrang out my clothes as best as I could. They seemed really nice, but I didn't want to linger too long as I was eager to complete my potion as quickly as possible, I have a reputation to build after all. After promising to stop by again next time I was pasing through, I set off on my way again.  

A Frightening Encounter

  I was busy thinking about ways to get some boar hairs, when I realised that the atmosphere around me had changed. There were no longer any birds singing, and there was a gloom and a forbidding silence hanging over the forest. I stopped in my tracks and turned my full attention to my surroundings, that's when I heard it, a quiet chittering that sent shivers down my spine and caused the hairs on the back of my neck to bristle. I crouched down and focused on the whispered sounds.  
"I say we fill it full of venom, and let it stew for a few days"
"We did that with the last one. Let's just eat it fresh right now"
"We should push it down the hill first, tenderize it a bit you know"
— Spiders discussing how to eat me!
  I can still hear their horrid, scratching voices now, I'll probably have nightmares tonight. As I turned to run, I could hear them moving up behind me, luckily I spotted a small hole in a large briar bush and dove straight for it. Something had been through here before me, and there was a big enough gap for me to wriggle deeper into the bush, until I found the small hollow inside. The large spiders were unable to get at me in here, they hung around outside for what seemed like hours before they got bored and wandered off.   In the meantime I discovered that this must have been the sleeping place of a boar, as I found a few clumps of boar bristles scattered about. Pocketing my find, I cautiously crawled out of the bush, there were no sign of the spiders, so I quickly made my way back to the nice side of the forest. The sun was on its way down, I was covered in scratches, and still a bit shaken by the spiders, so I decided to head back home for the day. Tomorrow I will head to Meltwater Loch and see about finding a Wigfish.

Year 1752 - Spring - Week 1 - Entry 1


Name: Elwick Greengrass   Description: Human male, just a little older than me. Short, curly brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a shy smile. He was also far too tall, even though he slouched his shoulders.   Location: He said he spent most of his days working at the mill in town. If he wasn't there I could leave a message with one of the other workers, and he would come collect the potion.


Name: Yeti Chest   Reagents Chosen: - Wigfish wig, Boar Hair   Locations Chosen: Glimmerwood Grove, Meltwater Loch

People Met

Xaniphe - the Naiad who helped me at the river. They were very sweet and polite, considering I had just rudely awoken them from their sleep, and they seemed a little lonely. I wish I had spent a bit more time talking to them, and will definitely make an effort to visit them when I can.


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May 7, 2022 21:40 by Watchman Deedly

I loved the quote from the spiders discussing how they were going to eat you. Darn near spit out my tea! What a fantastic world you've created. I will be back again!

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