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Downtime 3

A Trip to The Dungeon

Since I didn't have much time to explore the last time I went to Hero's Hollow, I thought it would be nice to take Rawr to see it. So I packed us a picnic and we headed off. We wander for a bit, adding new passages to the map I was making of the place, when Rawr begins to chirp softly. I can hear movement from up ahead so creep forward quietly, and soon see a large, and slightly worn, iron strapped wooden chest. However this chest seems to be wandering around. Its attention seems to be on an outcropping of rock which Is blue in colour. Once it spots us it bounds up and seems to beg for food. We have nothing to give it, and it mooches off sadly. We approach the oddly coloured rock, and reralise that it an exposed vein of cold iron, it must have beeen exposed for quite some time, as it had began to rust. I chipped of as much as I could, and made a note of its location on my map.  

A trip to town

As promised I take Rawr into town to explore the place a little bit more, and chat to some of the townsfolk. It's good to get to know the people that I am responsible for. I made my first trip to the blacksmith's shop to pick up a new sickle: the one in the Witches cottage had been left to rust, and was no use for anything. I then wandered around and chatted to a few of the folk who were out and about in the town, Rawr sitting on my shoulder or flitting about investigating though never venturing too far. The sound of wings caused me to duck in reflex, as I had flashbacks to the gryphon attack. It was only the postal Dragon though, they handed me a very official looking letter, and then hopped off down the street to deliver more packages. I recognised the seal on the letter as that of the Museum of Magic, a prestigious institute indeed.  

Rawr Adventures

While I was distracted by the postal Dragon, Rawr was making a new friend. I'll let them tell this bit.
The small furry feline was mewing sadly, as a cheeky bird had flown down and stolen the toy it had been playing with. It had taken it up to its nest in the tree. Once I found out what had happened, I flew up there and gave the naughty bird a thorough scolding, and took back the toy. The small cat was was very happy and asked if i would like to play with her. I said i was out with my Witch but I would to come by another time. I think I may have made a new friend, my first friend in the village.

The Start of a Project

Repair Golem

people met

Rawrs new friend
letter from museum


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