Azapan's Last Stand

Within the wizard campus grounds was a monument to the great wizard Azapan It had stood for two hundred and thirty six years in the centre of the campus gardens, after being moved from its previous home at the Academy of Arcane Studies. Standing fifty foot high, and made from marble and granite, it was crafted to honour the great sacrifice made by Azapan when he gave his life to protect the young students of the Academy.
  The monument consists of a large round plinth carved with runic symbols, upon which stands the figure of Azapan with three young students hiding behind hi m. The wizard stands with arms flung out in the act of casting his last spell, the expression on his face screaming defiance at the one who would dare try and harm his children, which was how Azapan had considered all the young apprentices. Azapan lost his life in that last stand, but the lives of his seventy three young charges were saved. He is still held up as an example of what it means to be a true weilder of the Arcane Arts.
  It had often been the recipient of several pranks by wizards who had just graduated. Pranks being a time honoured tradition amongst graduating wizards, often the result of a dare or bet. Over the years it had been every colour of the rainbow, a variety of materials, and adorned with a whole host of object, from whimsical to downright distasteful. One year however, a particular young wizard, deep in his cups and trying to impress a fellow graduate cast an experimental spell on the monument. It took half the faculty almost a week to discover what had happened to the beloved landmark.
  Turns out the graduate had cast some sort of dimensional spell upon the monument, transporting it into a diferent plane of existence. However, by then the residents of the plane had claimed the monument as a gift from their goddess and were understandably reluctant to let it go. The wizards still have to figure out a way to get it back.
Monument / Statue, Large


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