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Nature tends to have its own spirits.
They are big, proud, and majestic creatures that don't really care for lesser beings.
They usually look like a mix of all of the most common animals and plants in the area.
In their original form, they do not even need to eat, as just being in the wilderness fills them with enough energy to last them for hundreds of years.
However, there is one thing they cannot do. They can't leave their territory as they get really connected with one place.
Most of them lived peacefully, scaring away the lesser, more malicious spirits.   However, everything changed when the modern cities appeared.
With their fast growth and thousands of new things to feed on, they started to change some of the spirits of nature.
But because of their pride, nature spirits don't like that change.
They become filled with rage that their home changes and desperation, as they cannot leave their territory.
That is when they become Rasen, a transitional spirit, that other spirits don't feel anything other but disgust to.
Maybe one day, when they accept the change, they can become something other.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

At first, they retain their old shape, but what they are made of changes. They also shrink considerably.
The plants and fur get replaced by the parts of the city such as concrete, street signs, and glass.
Out of their backs, factory chimneys start to grow out, leaving a cloud of smog wherever they go.   Additionally, the longer their territory has been changed into a city, the more human-like they become in their shapes.

Genetics and Reproduction

As it is with most of the spirits, they do not reproduce.

Ecology and Habitats

They show up mostly on the outskirts of the cities that just not long ago were the wilderness and in the cities that are pretty young.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They slowly lose their ability to just feed passively on the energy of their surroundings.
Unaccustomed to active eating, they attack and devour everything that moves, further transforming into some type of urban spirit or sometimes into a spirit of the wrath.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

As they are filled with rage for anything city-related, they attack anything that moves.
They have really bad sight, as they didn't have to use it when they were the biggest spirits in the wilderness.

Civilization and Culture

Common Taboos

They cannot leave their old territory.
Additionally, they cannot enter any area that would remind them of their old life, even if it's within their territory.
That includes parks, forests, and in case of a spirit that lost too much, even lawns.

Average Height
2-8 meters
Average Weight
3-100 tons
Average Length
1-30 meters


They can talk, but they are so filled with rage, they can only make animal- and machine-like sounds.

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Author's Notes

Thanks to the Muninntales and Evi105 for helping with creating a name for this species.

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