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When The Curtain has fallen) has fallen a lot of nasty things spilled out into the world.
One of them was all of the spirits related to food and hunger.
Most of them bound themselves to the places associated with consumption or production of food, such as restaurants, diners or production lines.
Some found new homes in other places.   When someone enters their territory the intruder starts to feel the Hunger.
If the person is strong-willed, they only hear the voice inside of their head telling them how much they want to eat.
But if they were already hungry for a long time or they aren't that resistant, the Hunger consumes them.   The afflicted person will try to eat everything they see and nothing will sate them.
When there's nothing left to eat in the area, they will turn towards their companions and then they'll try to eat the things they aren't "equipped" to eat, such as dirt, sand, metal.   Most of the victims of the Hunger die in one of four ways:

  • Exhaustion
  • Wounds caused by trying to eat something sharp or too hard or choking
  • Being eaten by something bigger and stronger that uses the area as its hunting grounds
  • In case really nasty spirits of hunger are present, someone can die of the wounds they inflict to themselves while resorting to autocannibalism

Transmission & Vectors

The condition can be only contracted by entering the area influenced by the spirits related to food.
The only way to cure it is by getting rid of them (which could be only temporal, as the same thing that led those spirits to that place, can lead here other ones of the similar type) or having them be consumed by the spirit related to another concept (which can backfire horribly as, after such a feast, the spirit's concept can change to something related to eating).


Entering the area while not being hungry (and especially just after the meal), drastically lowers the chance of contracting the Hunger.
Strong will and amulets against the spirits can also save someone from losing control.


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