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World Ember 2023: Homework

Once again, the World Ember is about to start. As always, I'm excited to see lots of writers come out of their hibernation and create new interesting things for their worlds (or even completely new worlds. With not really fruitful NaNoWriMo and being inactive on the WA myself, I hope that WE once again will be a time for my activity to get some momentum. And so, let's get to the homework.  

Week 1: Goal

This year, I'm planning on writing stuff for this world, When Darkness Craves, and maybe doing some articles for the Call of The Tree.    

Area of focus

The world of When Darkness Craves is still pretty bare-bones, and so, instead of focusing, I'm planning to introduce new ideas and expand some of the ones already introduced. You can expect some new Halls, at least one evil organization, mysterious Inhabitants and some explanation on what they are in the first place. Similarly to what I did a few years ago in my Color-based world, I want to write at least one article for each of the categories.   On the other hand, I have a very specific idea for the Call of The Tree. Back in February, there was a challenge to create a bestiary based on the prompt words. While I didn't have time to take part in it, I planned out some of the creatures I wanted to write about (though I never got around to actually writing them. So, my plan is to write about at least a few of them. It'd be great if I manage to write about at least one creature from each area/category I had planned back then (9 categories, 3 creatures per one).  


For World Ember 2023, I pledge to:
  • Write at least 10k words.
  • Write at least one article for each category.
  • Create at least a few images for the articles.
  • Write about a creature from each area/category of the Call of The Tree.

Week 2: Area of Focus

Mini-Meta of Darkness: Dealing with Loss

The world of Dark Halls is a world of loss. One has to watch out as both the Darkness and the creatures dwelling in it can take away anything from them. Additionally, there are those who might try to gain things from the loss of others. And so, how does one deal with both the loss and the potential of it happening? Will they hide away, lose to it, become mad because of it, fight against it, or brave through it?  

Mini-Meta of The Tree: The Pit is full of life

Aside from humans, The Pit of the Call of The Tree is full of living beings. Friendly ones and hostile ones, the ones living in the light of The Tree and the ones hiding from it, born from the Elements, the pure energy of the world, or artificial ones. There are hundreds of different creatures to be written about.  

Category structure

I believe that for now, the categories I have for the world of Dark Halls, and the categories I've created for the creatures of the Call of The Tree will help me organize everything more easily.  

Week 3: Welcome your readers

Dear Readers of all of my worlds. As always, I'm very grateful for you reading about my worlds and those wonderful times when you decide to comment about the snippets of them that are articles. I love both the comments that try to analyze any new idea added by me and how it fits to other ones I've added previously and I love the ones that simply say that they liked the new article. Know, that both of them bring me a lot of happiness and so never worry that you wrote only a few words. Your comments are always welcome.
At the top of this article I have linked both the worlds I'm going to write about this WE, so if you want to see my new ideas, you know where to look. I hope you'll have a lot of fun reading about them and any other future articles.   Thank you very much.
— Revyera


I hope my homepages are ready to be seen by any new and older readers.  

Week 4: Last preparations

I'm writing this homework pretty late, so I guess it is also a part of my last preparations.   As always, I'm trying to get rid of all of the old notifications (that are not the comment or follow ones) so it is easier to track any new articles created by others during WE.   This year, it'll be a little harder to find some free time to write thanks to my job (and me not getting the schedule for December yet so I don't know how many free days I'm working with), though I have an app that makes it easy to both write in some free time during the work or when on a bus and then to transfer those files on my computer so I can make some edits/beautify everything.   Though there is a little time left (and both last days of December are work days for me), I'll try to create some images already, so the process of creating an article goes smoother.  

Last words before WE

Thanks for reading this homework and thanks to anyone who decides to read my articles during this World Ember. I hope you'll like them, and if you are new here, it's great having you here and I hope you'll decide to stick here.   To other writers: I can't wait to read your articles and I hope you have as much inspiration and motivation to write anything you want to write and then even more. Let's light up the Forge!


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