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Summer Camp 2021 Pledge

This page may contain spoilers. Please read with caution.

Current pages are under construction. Apologies for any messes and many thanks for the understanding.


This is a busy year. I skipped Camp Nano in April because I was balancing healing and publishing, and then took May and June off to heal after another injury (I'm so lucky *rolls eyes*). I'm back to work start July 5th (or 6th, really, because of an anniversary) which means I'm jumping into Summer Camp and Camp Nano at once. I'll also prepare to get my serials going again, AND spending time with family because everyone but me is having summer holidays. It's going to be a busy summer. Thus I feel like this pledge will be extremely helpful while I do some of the work I have to do. I can look at it and others can poke me to keep me accountable. (lol) I tried to do Summer Camp last year when I found out it exists, but… well… *nervous laughter*

Questions & Answers

Which Project are Your worldbuilding efforts tied to?

I am writing a series, “When the World Falls, I'll be Safe from the Wrath of God” (WWFSFG), that spans over eight (8) arcs, and each arc is a few books long. While I'm tying up the first draft of the final book (Book VI/B6) in “Arc I: Necromancer” (A1), I'm also working on writing “Arc II: Town of Dead” (A2), and it's specifically A2 my worldbuilding will be tied to, whether or not it'll be useful. Since I only just began on A2, I'm sure some will come to use. (lol)

Which World are You working on?

WWFSFG takes place in Wheltem, so naturally that's the world I'll do Summer Camp in.

Which are of the World are you working on?

A2 primarily takes place in the Harbour Towns which is the area along the coast of the Northeastern Province of the Central Priestdom, therefore my focus will be primarily on the Harbour Towns, and if all else fails because of the area being too limited in what is reasonable to add to it, I'll work on the Northeast (the Border and Outer Farmlands not included).

How much are You aiming to complete?

Considering family, a book to revise for book release (Camp Nano), a book to write (A2 Book I/WWFSFG Book VII), two novels to prepare for serial release (WWFSFG Book I editing and BtH Part 3 editing + covers for all parts 1-3), and the fact this is my sort of first Summer Camp, I'm shooting for Copper. Gotta keep it reasonable, right? (It's already an unreasonable amount of work to do though, isn't it…?) Though only the book release and Summer Camp have to be done within July, so I think it'll be fine.


When will you write?

Okay, now this is the really hard part. Anyone with a seemingly hyperactive toddler and a preteen will understand the struggle. My work hours have been changed for the holidays in hope to avoid disruptions, so that's something I'll have to adjust to. Now they're Sunday to Tuesday, Thursday to Friday 7 am to 2 pm.

BUT my partner has absolutely no sense of when is appropriate, so no matter when I work, he might appear (with or without kids) no matter how many times I tell him.

…so I'll just write whenever if I have to. All writing projects I've mentioned are all work related, so I'll just count the hours to get the right amount of work hours, hoping I get them in during set hours, so I can just relax during the days off.

It's not gonna happen, I know, but I can at least dream of a relaxing day off, right?

Who is Your support network?

Well, clearly not my partner! (lol) No, on a serious note, he's supportive but unfortunately quite forgetful.

Otherwise, I'm sure my support network consists of my crew on Twitter who also hangs around the #WritingCommunity and #AmWritingFantasy community. I also have Casandra who I've known for years and who is slapped in the face with walls of thoughts and with whom I can discuss ideas without worrying about accidentally spoiling anything, since she's not going to read WWFSFG. I also have a couple of Discord servers where I can get support if needed.

And there's Daisy, my catm who howls every evening. Yes, howls. Meowing is for daytime, howling is for evenings. And afternoons. And daytime. And mornings. And sometimes nights too.

Closing Thoughts

As I stated in the introduction, this is a busy year. And no doubt a busy month. I didn't manage SC 2020, but I'm determined to juggle everything this year. I have a few Dos and Don'ts though.  


  • Tell Partner to kindly eff off during my work hours if he comes too often. Especially if it's during my most productive hours when the cat doesn't howl and meow as much. He can be such a pain in the behind, as much as I love him.
  • Set a timer to move around. It's bad for the body to sit all the time staring and the computer.
  • Take walks for inspiration. It's a literal change of pace.
  • Drink water, eat food, sleep at night and take meds when supposed to. I mean, these are the basics, but also so easy to forget. Even with my alarms.


  • Get angry at the man and his terrible, terrible memory. That said, he has to respect the fact i actually have to work.
  • Write non-stop. My workaholic tendencies are The Worst, but I'll do my best to work within set hours.
  • Ignore my physical therapy. I've been injured several times this year, so this is extremely important to make sure the injuries continue to heal and to prevent them in the future.
  • Forget the chores. These are important! And my responsibility too.
I think I'll try to keep things updated on my blog with a progress report on all my projects. Perhaps something I share every Friday? I think I'll put something up with my current status before I get back to work too, so one can see the progress.


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