First, and most importantly, THANK YOU, for reading anything I have to say...and spending a little time with a silly old man.   I'm hoping that by the time you read this, things will look a bit more cohesive. That the art and links make more sense, and you can start to feel what the original intent was
in building this website. To share a multi-generational creation. To offer you a story I started telling my children at bedtime, when they were little. A story that's expanding still, now being told to my grandchildren. The most wonderful part of it all, is that my wife and older children are now writing with me to expand this experience.   There is a transformation going on behind the pages of this website. Adjusting and refining more than three million words of notes, labeling and organizing tens of thousands of pictures, sketches, doodles and more. Most importantly, we are working on the monumental task of RE-writing a fantasy series that had already published up to book eight.
I've made too many compromises since 2004 -- one of the filthiest words in the English language -- finding myself writing the story I believed readers would buy, not the story that was in my heart. The story that's been burning a hole in my soul so hot, I can't stand it anymore. So I'm starting over.   Not from scratch, mind you: there's a mountain of reference materials and published novels to pull from. We also have tools I never had access to in 2004, which makes me giddy every time I fire up my desktop. Can YOU say "WorldAnvil"?   If you're new to this world, there will be changes made while you're lurking -- but if you've been with me for a while, OR you read my series, what's coming may be epic in scale. It's for you specifically that I made this page.  

Why the Changes?

I'm not sure why the Universe introduced so much death in my life in the last two years, but it's given me new eyes. Drawn closer to those I love, I look at my darling wife and children through a filter I can't describe -- and it changed my priorities. These stories have always been special to me, and I don't want to compromise anymore. It turns my gut to say this aloud, but the books weren't good enough. I'm not a great writer and I wanted these stories to be I turned to my family for help.   We have a definite path and plan, which I'm keeping close to my chest this time.  

What to expect on this website?

Just watch. Be patient. Pay attention to the site and you'll see the changes as they're made.   When anything major happens, I promise to tell you!    


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12 Oct, 2022 20:19

Really excited for what's to come Jaime! Good luck!

Co-creator of the fantasy worlds Isekai & Seireitei
Co-creator of the TTRPG System Storybook
13 Oct, 2022 20:10

Thank you, River. With all that's been happening and continues to happen -- it was important to dig my feet in, catch my breath, and then male a new plan to adjust.   Turning out to be better than the original plan. =)

Your New Author Friend =)
Come see Wanted:Hero
12 Oct, 2022 20:47

Wow, this is going to be an amazing journey for you. I would guess the best one yet! May your heart continue with the love you show everyone and may your quill never run dry.

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13 Oct, 2022 20:11

Awwwww, bro -- that's one of the nicest wishes I've had in ages. Thank you.   SO excited for this path! NaNoWriMo 2022 here I come....with Samoan food within reach...for those REALLY long nights writing, LOL.

Your New Author Friend =)
Come see Wanted:Hero
Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
15 Oct, 2022 16:21

Always excited to see what you have planned, good sir. I'm looking forward to the changes!

17 Oct, 2022 02:32

I hope I don't disappoint!   Thank you for the encouragement =)

Your New Author Friend =)
Come see Wanted:Hero
Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
18 Oct, 2022 15:34

You never do, Jaime. No worries about that.

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