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Emerald Chronicles GM & Player Resources

Emerald Chronicles GM & Player Resources

We’ve collected a number of useful resources for players and GMs to use here:

  • An excellent form fillable character sheet, rule and lore reference sheet, and reference cards for animal companions, wounds, stances, opportunities, and conditions can be found at
  • A useful step by step character generator (player options from all sources except Path of Waves are included but do not contain the actual details of abilities) called Paper Blossoms can be found on its GitHub Site.
  • A supplement to play characters from the Mantis Clan was published officially on Fantasy Flight’s website, Mantis Clan Rules.
  • An explanation of Adventure Rewards for playing in Emerald Chronicles.

House Rules

While we endeavor to avoid complicating the game with house rules, to standardize crafting results across tables we’ve put together a table of how Opportunities can be spent on crafting, which can be found on the Opportunities Rules.

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