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Huo Xing

Huo Xing, previously called Antares, is the brightest star in Scorpius. It's the capital system of the Kerberos Alliance and the central star of the Xin Xiu Sector.   The binary system consists of a red supergiant and a blue main-sequence star. Three planets are known to orbit the primary, all now swallowed by the bloated star, but that didn't stop the locals from settling the scorched worlds.  


After its settlement, the system was renamed to Huo Xing (火星, Huǒxīng, "fiery star"), a name previously also given to Mars, but also an epithet given to the star during the SHang ddynasty.   Unlike Sol's red planet however, the star's byname is commonly written as two words in the Latin transcirption. The local pronunciation approximates that of the original Mandarin.   There were two reason for renaming it. The first was the primary's appearance and the discovery of the three planets in its outer atmosphere reinforced that. The second is the association of the Hellhounds with fire.   Huo Xing is the home system of the species, and its planets the reason the Hellhounds got their specific adaptations allowing them to survive, if only for a limited time, on the scorched surface of the outer planet.
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Huo Xing /xwɔ.ɕiŋ/
Alternative Name(s)
Antares, Scorpion's Heart (Cor Scorpii), Balayang, Djuit, Apha Scorpii (α Sco AB)
Star Catalog Numbers
HD 148478 (A) / HD 148479 (B), HIP 80763
Location under

Sol 170 pc (550 ly)
Al Niyat 7.5 pc (24.43 ly)
Paikauhale 26.44 pc (86.22 ly)
Eta Lupi (η Lup) 39.55 pc (129 ly)
Shaula 52.12 pc (170 ly)
Cervantes 156.37 pc (510 ly)
Tiamat 163 pc (532 ly)
Ran 172.3 pc (562 ly)
Spectral Type M1.5Iab-Ib (A)
B2.5V (B)
Color orange-red (A)
blue, greenish (B)
Variable Type Lc (slow irregular)
Mass 11 - 14.3 M (A)
7.2 M (B)
Radius 680 R, varies 19% (A)
5.2 R (B)
Luminosity 75,900 L (A)
2,754 L (B)
Temperature 3,660 K (A)
18,500 K (B)
Age 15±5 Myr

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Cover image: Infrared Rho Ophiuchi Complex by Judy Schmidt/WISE (modified by Konstantin M.)


Author's Notes

Observation (Earth)
Constellation: Scorpius
Antares at
Visibility: naked eye (appears as single star)

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Sage Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
20 Feb, 2021 00:42

I like that it was previously called Antares. I'd like to know more about why the name was changed. :D

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea! Please check out my peculiar plants entry! :)
20 Feb, 2021 02:15

A couple well-known stars got renamed upon settlement. I'll get into the various reasons the locals had eventually. In this case fire is a bit of a theme with the folks living there (this is central Hellhound territory, after all).