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Heretic Mind

Heretic Mind is the shadow hivemind that took residence in an abandoned dreadnought later named JNFV A Shadow Beneath A Nameless Sun.   Heretic is at the same time a single entity and many; artificial intelligence and post-organic lifeform; shipmind and shadow swarm. The voidbrood crew of the dreadnought share part of the hivemind's collective consciousness. Wrath Sings-to-the-Void is the ship's commanding officer, and as such xe is also Heretic's boss.  


In 3584 TCE, after Wrath's true identity was uncovered, both xe and Heretic were banished to the Great Rift near Serpens South. In 3940 TCE, a Sanglante crew found the drifting dreadnought and woke up its voidbrood passenger.

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Pronouns it/its, they/them (plural)
Exotic, Gestalt Consciousness
Alternative Names
Heretic, Shadow Shipmind
Parent Organization
Blackreach Pact
Organization Vehicles

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