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3942 TCE

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In the 40th century. Humanity has settled dozens of star systems, adapting to the worlds they couldn't terraform, adding new systems to their territory every few decades.   But all is not well.   A terraformer swarm crippled by a computer virus of unknown origins turns its target planet into something wildly different from what it was meant to become. An alien parasite from a long-dead universe embodies both the power humans seek and the darkness they fear above all else. And a secretive government out for absolute power sacrifices the people it swore to serve in order to stop an elusive threat.   As humanity spirals toward disaster, the outcasts and misfits are the only ones able to save it — but are they willing to fight for those who want them dead?  
  600 billion years ago, it’s the end of the world — literally. Their universe is dying, and the voidbrood have to find the technology that could allow them to escape and make a new life for their species elsewhere in the multiverse.   But their enemies are looking for a way out, too, and they’re not taking prisoners…  
There is no copyright on my original content. Feel free to use it as a backdrop for your own art, stories, or games, within the boundaries of the CC BY-SA license.