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2740 TCE

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Terran Space

It's the 28th century. Humanity has spread across the stars and adapted to the worlds they couldn't terraform. Far from unified, nations spanning lightyears still fight over resources and ideology.
Jumpgates and warp drives allowed them to advance deep into uncharted space, where they met their alien counterparts, some more warlike than others. Conflicts ensued and were eventually settled—until strange and terrifying ships appear on the outskirts of settled space...  

Joint Nomad Fleet

After leaving their native universe, the voidbrood armada split into smaller fleets, each exploring the multiverse on their own. One of them, the Joint Nomad Fleet, eventually reached Terran Space.  

Abyss Universe

On hold until further notice.   600 billion years ago, it’s the end of the world—literally. Their universe is dying and the voidbrood have to find the technology that could allow them to escape and make a new life for their species elsewhere in the multiverse.
But their enemies are looking for a way out, too, and they’re not taking prisoners…

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  • Map of Proxima System

    Alpha Centauri C, constellation Centaurus, 2.45 ly.

  • Map of Procyon System

    Alpha Canis Minoris, constellation Canis Minor, 11.5 ly.

  • Map of Rumeysa (Procyon B) System

    Alpha Canis Minoris B, constellation Canis Minor, 11.5 ly.

  • Map of Geminga System

    SN 437, constellation Gemini, 815 ly.

  • Map of Lich System

    PSR B1257+12, constellation Virgo, 2.3 kly.

  • Map of Lucida System

    Vega, constellation Lyra, 25 ly

  • Map of White Blossom (Lucida)

    Vega, constellation Lyra, 25 ly