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2740 TCE

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600 billion years ago the voidbrood fled their dying universe and embarked on an eternal voyage across the multiverse. Eventually their travels led them to the Milky Way galaxy.   Now it's the 28th century and humanity has settled many worlds, adapting to those they couldn't terraform, expanding their territory further out with every year. They like to think they're in control, but at their borders lurks a threat they cannot fight...

Terran Space

A terraformer swarm crippled by a computer virus turns its target planet into something wildly different from what it was meant to become. An alien parasite from a long-dead universe embodies both the power humans seek and the darkness they fear above all else. A secretive government out for absolute power sacrifices the people it swore to serve in order to stop an elusive threat.   As humanity spirals toward disaster, the outcasts and misfits are the only ones able to save it — but are they willing to fight for those who want them dead?  

Joint Nomad Fleet

Forever exiled from the worlds they called home, the voidbrood roam the multiverse, exploring alien galaxies, lurking, learning, conquering territory by guile and military might, adding to their ever growing archives and the restless travelers of the Joint Nomad Fleet.  


It’s the end of the world — literally. Their universe is dying and the voidbrood have to find the technology that could allow them to escape and make a new life for themselves in the multiverse. But their enemies are looking for a way out, too, and they’re not taking prisoners…  

~ Quick Sections Guide ~

The world itself is split into three major sections, the rest have additional material.  
  • Reference: The glossary and additional info are in this section.
  • Terran Space: This is the primary section, focusing on the humans and local aliens. If you can't find an article elsewhere, it's probably in here, if it's a shared topic.
  • Joint Nomad Fleet: This section contains the articles about the JNF's exploits, but also those shared with, but not exclusive to, Terran Space and the Abyss.
  • Abyss: Here you can find the articles specific to the Abyss. Most of the articles related to the voidbrood themselves are in the JNF section instead.

Table of Contents


  • Map of Proxima System

    Alpha Centauri C, constellation Centaurus, 2.45 ly.

  • Map of Procyon System

    Alpha Canis Minoris, constellation Canis Minor, 11.5 ly.

  • Map of Lucida System

    Vega, constellation Lyra, 25 ly