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Game Development Day 4

Make a visual novel in 5 days challenge

Game Development Log

Today I hope to finish writing the visual novel and begin inputting the game into Tyranobuilder.
I choose to use Tyranobuilder as I am more knowledgeable on this visual novel software compared to others. It also will make things faster, as I will not need to code. I feel it is a great choice for a challenge with such limited time!
During this day, I completed writing the first draft of the story, using 4thewords as my motivation tool. It took a long time to complete the writing. You can read the entire story on my 4thewords link.
I also began work on creating the phone image that will appear when Andrew texts his text messages. I used Canva and Photoshop to create the graphic. Canva is fast and convenient, while Photoshop was used to add a small gradient.


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