Tactical Magus

"Most enemy magi expect challenges outside of their wards, or for hot-heated children to launch lances of vengeful energy towards them. None of them expect breaching charges." - Field Cmdr. Derrick Serbe, 2nd Tactical Magi Group "Glass Shrikes"
A tactical magus is a magus who is also brought up in the profession of bearing arms - most importantly, utilizing their arcane gifts to support friendly combatants, or being combatants in their own right.   A relatively new career path, tactical magi are seen as a new type of infantry, which appeals to those who are studying the arcane with a martial cant. A joint development program that was born between the Mithambian Armed Forces and the Mithambian Arcana Society has put these two walks of life together, with the side effect being that those who wanted to pursue alternative avenues of career choices now have the avenue to do so.   Often seen as a specific Mithambian unit, the rise of the tactical magus has given Mithambian strategists new tools to circumvent the arcane tools of domestic and foreign threats. Viewed as a careful dagger in the face of exotic developments, the tactical magus has proven its worth to most commanders and strategists, and will be an increasingly common sight in the battlefields of the modern day.



The qualifications to become a tactical magus are stringent. Potential applicants must fit the following criteria:
  • Be at least 21 years of age;
  • Must be a citizen of the Kingdom of Mithambe;
  • Must pass the Mithambian Armed Forces physical assessment;
  • Must pass the Arcane Society's aptitude examination;
  • Must not be under any obligation that would jeopardize security, including a spotless criminal record.
Applicants are also required to possess the following educational requirements:
  • A graduate of an Arcana Society-recognized insitution;
  • "Exceptional" or higher performance denotations in Spellcasting, Runescript, and Ethereal Temperament;
  • "Exceptional" or higher performance denotations in Potioneering or Alchemy or Fleshcrafting;
  • "Exceptional" or higher performance denotations in Ethereal Engineering or Arcane Automata;
  • "Exceptional" or higher performance deonations in Ethereal History or Religious Influences in the Arcane.

Payment & Reimbursement

A starting tactical magus will be making approximately 3,000 orbs a month - this does not include bonuses on rank or other specialties.   The average pay rate for a tactical magus is in-between 5,000 to 10,000 orbs per month. Tactical magi on special assignments or in command/instruction positions may see even higher renumeration.

Other Benefits

Tactical magi are considered experts in the field of martial arcana, and are consulted and respected as subject matter experts.   The dangers of being a tactical magus are well-documented - to alleviate concerns and to protect significant investments in them, the Kingdom of Mithambe maintains luxurious benefits packages for tactical magi and their families. These also include tuition bursaries, extensive healthcare coverage, and extensive career development packages should a tactical magi fall out of service due to injury from battlefield performance.



Tactical magi fill in a critical role in providing an arcana-based offense, as well as providing effective countermeasures against enemy arcana encountered in the field.

Social Status

Tactical magi are seen as part of the upper-middle echelons of Mithambian society, given that becoming a tactical magus is considered a difficult endeavor. Few magi possess the potency of their craft in conjunction with the discipline and martial bearing of a proper soldier - the qualification course for tactical magi applicants is designed to be brutal on both the body and soul, in order to eliminate those who are ultimately found wanting.



The standard tactical magus loadout is as follows:
  • Standard issue combat shirt and pants;
  • Steel cuirass, bracer, and greaves with rune inscriptions of protection;
  • Treated leather gloves with reinforced knuckles;
  • Treated leather boots with steel toecaps;
  • Leather satchel for transporting of basic tools;
  • Leather harness for holding of ranged weapons and ancillary devices.
Other tools are position-dependent, or job-specific. Certain tools and weapons may be requisitioned if the situation allows for it.


"Fighting in the emptiness of Etherspace is... odd, to say the least. I cannot find words to properly express just how out of body, but comfortable in mind, I felt at that time."
  • Unnamed Tactical Magus on being attached to an Exploration detail
  • Tactical magi will see operations in almost every theater, and are properly outfitted for the environments they will be working in.   Veteran tactical magi squads are often attached to the Exploration Corps, providing a ship with an ethereal complement of trained combatants in the event of hostilities in the course of their travels.

    Dangers & Hazards

    Tactical magi are often the first magi called when a situation involves suspect arcane influence, and are thus most at risk to illicit arcana exposure. As they are also combatants, tactical magi are considered high-value targets for their versatility and ability to alter the dynamics of the battle theater - making tactical magi valid targets for enemy snipers.   Given the stress placed on the body and on the mind, most tactical magi request transfer from active service to reserve after two years - the strain of combat being excessive for even the most well-kept souls. Hypoetheria┬áis a common occurrence for a tactical magus - most will experience at least one bout of it throughout the duration of their service.
    Alternative Names
    Knockout Wizard/Witch
    The laws which govern the usage of the ethereal and arcana are exempted for tactical magi during the course of their operations.
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