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Machroan Aurelia (mar-ch-rue-uhn or-ree-lee-ah)

Machroan Aurelia (a.k.a. Roan)

Machroan Aurelia is a priest of Clirizidaun well known within the scientific community for his establishment of the Cliroan Taxonomical System, the first official attempt at organising the natural world, and his passion towards the natural world, but especially bugs. Cliroan taxonomy became the foundation of future biological science studies. Within the church he is respected as a titled Pilgrim Voyager with over 20 round voyages to his name. While beloved within the church and amongst the people, the priest is also infamous for his eccentricities.   


  Machroan started his life in the cold mountains of Belryde with little more than his birth name to his claim. As a member of the Showillarn he had little status to rely upon and within his people he was a kinless nomads child left abandoned at a young village of his people. The villagers were kind to him, but distant. An extra mouth left to them in an especially harsh chill. Some wonder if it was loneliness that later drove him to his travels, but anyone who's actually spent more than 5 minutes with him knows without a doubt it was all passion.   Without any firm roots to abide by, he was free to leave and pursue his curiousity towards the living world around him. Once he came of age he wasted no time joining the first willing nomad tribe in a journey around his home continent, Belryde. During his time with them he learned about the history and people of Belryde, the natural systems of their land and their relationship with its people. It wasn't long before the lands borders weren't enough for his curious mind. The traders from the developing Sea Route came to port with tales of all manner of people, creatures and plants. If the land wasn't enough then the ocean would be.   It was everything he wished for and more. As much he enjoyed his time with the nomads they didn't come with quite the same level of thrilling adventure and sheer newness of the experience. He learned of birds that helped men fish, fish that led to land and great flying beasts that threw all but the most hardened of veterans into a terror. The more he learned, the more he lacked. For all his love of the world around him he lacked the words to quite put his thoughts together, the comprehension to follow through on his ideas. He needed something more complete, more structured. One frustrated vent later and a crewmate had his answer. Priesthood.   The Church of Clirizidaun wasn't a new concept to him, their pilgrims often crossed paths with traders along the Sea Route and coastlines. He knew they travelled often, preferring the Aurora River to their less structured round route of the ocean, in some sort of religious observance he honestly never gave a wit about. He also knew that their annoying proselytising and expansionism was causing conflict in the lands they crossed. But according to his crewmate they were oddly pragmatic when it to issues at home. They would take in people from every nook and cranny they could find and seemed determined to host the most knowledge and intelligence than anywhere else in the world. To top it off there was more to their travels than praying purple pilgrims, they also had occupations for travelling specialists, and offered both titles and benefits to their more accomplished workers. They would offer education, resources and support in return for a thriving Empire.   At the next intersection with their empire, Zaurcliria, that's precisely what he did. Machroan joined the Church of Clirizidaun through the apprenticeship program as a foreign disciple with the well wishes and introduction of his crewmembers. He put his nose to the grindstone and learned of the world around him through the wisdom of books and learned scholars. After entering lower priesthood he was on his way, back with feet on the ground ready to return to his wandering. As a pilgrim he'd not only return to the ocean, but step also step foot across all three of the worlds remaining continents, Kalreem, Wicksler and Humdélee. Better yet, f he succeeded at becoming a Pilgrim Voyager, what he privately considered an explorer, he could spend the rest of his days travelling and learning and journaling all his discoveries.   Machroan started the next stage of his life with a bounce in his step and a smile.  


  • Joins church sect (which deity/seasons observance he specialises in, i'll choose which later)
  • becomes a Pilgrim Voyager 
  • develops taxonomy system
  • background supporter (mainly aids friend now & then) of removal of Churchs political powers and proselytisation along Aurora River, offers his ear and connections
  • gains respect among scientific society and locals along the Aurora River
  • earns the title 'Aurelia' which becomes his official surname
"If that bastard actually keeps put a whole hour without some poor insect to gawk at or ear to talk off, don't waste time. Call the doctor." ~ Holly Wilstone, close friend & colleague of Machroan Aurelia
thick & light orange, worn to his shoulders in his younger but he let it grow as he aged. often wears it up in a bun or high ponytail.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
light tan, freckled
Apathetic follower of The Church of Clirizidaun
Aligned Organization


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