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The High Council of Vering-Gol

The High Council is the ruling body of Vering-Gol    It is served by an archmage of each of the domains of magic, as well as the leader of the Veringean Guard and the Lord Consular.

Only the Lord Consular's name is ever released to any but the uppermost echelons of Vering-Gol, at the moment that position is filled by Urudium Septum


Lord Consular

Master Conjurer

Master Diviner

Master Evoker

Master Enchanter

Master Illusionist

Master Necromancer
  Master Abjurer   Master Transmuter

Master of the Guard
These form as equal members of the high council, each with a single vote on any issue raised to the heights of the high council. The only time that the Lord Consular's vote is cast is if there is indecision. He serves as a tiebreaker and mediator of the discussion.

Public Agenda

To empower mages and enlighten the world
Government, Leadership
Leader Title
Parent Organization

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